A Review of the Top Slushie Machine Models

Craving for your favorite slushie but you’re too busy to go out and buy one at 7-11 or other convenience stores? Then, you might want to grab your own slushie machine at home. By owning one, you won’t have to be chained up into those stores and be bothered when you’re too busy with the task at hand. To top it all off, you can have the liberty of choosing on the vast variety of flavors available; not to mention that it will add fun and excitement for you and your kids as you mix in the beverage right on your own kitchen. Another good reason that should convince you to buy your own slushie machine unit is the fact that slushies, or slushy as many people call them, being sold at stores and cafes can be rather pricey. As a matter of fact, a coffee flavored slushie cost as much as $5 or above in a typical Starbucks outlet. So the next time you are holding a party, make sure you have a slushie maker machine in handy.

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Choosing the Right Slushy Machine

If this is your first time to ever get one, you might want to know that there are staggering choices on slushy machines in the market today. For this reason, you will have to get the right information about each model’s specifications, features, advantages over the others, capacity, and of course, the cost. And what better way to get these details than to read slushy machine reviews on the web? Since you are in the search for one, this guide will provide just the right information for you.

Top Slushy Machine Picks

For the benefit of beginners like you, this site has compared the top 5 slushy machines to date and described them comprehensively below.

1.     Slush Mugs

This slushy maker has been around for many years now; the living proof to this is its nostalgic and old-school infomercial. The great thing about this slushy maker is that, within a few minutes and a few occasional stirring, your favorite choice of frozen drink is ready to be indulged. Because of this feature, these mugs make an ideal choice for those who frequently stop at a store and sit down at the corner to get a sip. But what if you have only one mug at home and each of your family members want one? This only means that big families will have to spend more on buying more mugs or simply opt for other slushy-making models instead. But apart from this downside, Slush Mugs are still gaining massive popularity because of their many advantages they offer. Some of which are: they are less messy than blenders, they help you mix your favorite slushie in just a matter of minutes, they give consistent results, they are extremely easy to use, and most importantly, easy to store and clean. One Slush Mug costs $10, which is good to use 10 times or less.

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2.      Slushie Express

A true winner – this is the phrase that online reviews are coining with the Slushie Express. If you are wondering how it looks like exactly, it is basically a small blender that is specifically made to create nothing else but your favorite slushies. Equipped with a 200-watt motor, it efficiently crushes ice pieces to give you the perfect slushie consistency. By getting a dedicated machine like the Slushie Express, you can be sure that you are using the slushie-making method so you don’t end up rushing at the nearest 7-11 outlet to buy a cup. Best of all, the machine promises to give you slushies in just a few seconds! Yes, you have read it right – not minutes but seconds only. So if you’re serious and committed about making slushies at home or party venues, this is definitely the model that’s worth giving a try; considering that you’ll only get to pay $20 or higher.

3.      Slushy Magic

Through this one-of-a-kind slushie maker, you can truly say that magic does exist. How so? The secret lies within its strategically designed cubes – all you need to do is put in your chosen mix and witness how it turns the liquid into ice crystals. And by the way, don’t hesitate to fold your sleeves up and shake it a little bit to achieve the perfect consistency. With Slushy Magic, your drinking experience will never be the same again. In for a radical change today? Grab your favorite orange juice and turn it into a brain-freezing orange slushie with less hassles and spendings! Slushy magic is priced at $15 and packaged with essential accessories upon purchase.

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4.      Margaritaville Blender

Are you tired of wasting wrongly-made slushies at home and craving for the ultimate slushy experience? Then, this extraordinary blender is for you. By using your own set of ingredients, methods, or a bit of some readymade beverages, you can create virtually any type of beverages according to your liking or mood for the day. Whether they are margaritas, smoothies, muddies, or daiquiris, this machine can bring astonishing results for you – without using additional kitchen tools whatsoever. Another amazing thing about this slushie machine is that it is pretty easy to use – all you have to do is fill the container up with your favorite mix of beverages or ingredients and hit that big button. After a few minutes or so, your ice-cold beverage is ready to sooth your nerves. The price of Margaritaville blender starts at $200.

5.      Retro Slushie Maker

Do you have a constant thing for the retro style and slushies? Well, you can now have the best of both worlds with the Retro Slushie Maker. Designed using the 1950’s style, promises to create your favorite frozen drinks in about 25 minutes or so. It may look simple to the eye, but within lies a 20-watt motor that works just right to give you a fresh slush – with a capacity of 2 liters per batch. For added functionality, the unit comes with a drink holder and a drip tray. By merely sliding a single button, you can effortlessly operate the machine on how you want it to work – to power on, off, dispense or freeze. When using this machine, however, you might want to know that beverages that are rich in sugar or corn syrup tend to crystallize faster; the result, thicker slushie for you. If you dislike this consistency, don’t fret because there is an easy solution – you just have to add a bit of water in order to make the concoction loosen up a bit. Reviews say that this machine can be a little noisy; which can be a pain if you have already have a lot of noisy kitchen tools around. But as far as speed and ease of use are concerned, this machine will satisfy an average user’s standard effectively.

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It’s All About Your Choices

There you have the 5 best selling slushie machine that are getting all the rage in the current market. Choosing can be a bit tricky, considering that everyone has varying preferences on features, functions, budget, and other valuable aspects. That being said, the final verdict whether these are good for you or not still boils down to your specific needs. Choose accordingly today before getting one from Slushie machine rental or Slushie machine for sale.