Benefits of Organic Food

Organic food is that food which is produced by using farming methods that are environment and animal friendly. In other words, the methods used in farming are devoid of artificial means like chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In organic farming the fertility of the soil is improved by using crop rotation, compost and manure. Since organic food is a product of organic farming, it is in order to conclude that the food is not polluted by chemicals hence good for health.

Benefits of Organic Foods

There are many benefits that accrue from organic diet some of which are as follows:

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  • The food is best for environment since there are no chemicals used in producing it.

  • The food is healthful both for humans and animals.

  • It is cheap to produce because there are no fertilizers and pesticides used. The compost and manure used is directly obtained from the farm.

  • Organic food is relatively cheap and affordable when obtained directly from local farms.


The following are some of the challenges of obtaining organic foodstuff:

  • Due to the expensive way of production, the foods tend to be more expensive than those that are conventionally produced.

  • The word “Organic” is general for the food could be organic to a certain percentage, but 100%.

  • Ascertaining the percentage at which the food is “organic” poses a challenge to many who could like to get 100% organic.

Types of Organic Foods

Natural foods can include organic foods but not all natural foods are organic. All foods certified as organically produced are labeled by the US government. There is a variety of organic food obtainable from the stores, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cafes and other outlets. There are vegetable-related organic foods and animal-related organic foods. Some of the common vegetable and fruit-related organic foods are:

  • kale,

  • grapes,

  • strawberries,

  • peas,

  • lettuce,

  • celery,

  • carrots,

  • peaches

Some of the animal-related organic foods are:

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  • milk,

  • eggs,

  • meat.

Animal organic foods are obtained in a secondary method for they are obtained from animals that have convert the original food into organic.

As observed earlier, organic nutriment products are available in the form variety of juices processed by the slushie machine and yoghurt and ice cream among others. The variety of organic foods available could be used by both human and animals like pets. There’s a variety of organic pet food that’s certified and available for all nutritional needs pets. In the category of pet foods are also organic cat food and organic dog food.

Obtaining the Right Type

There are many challenges as to how one can obtain the right kind of food ideal for personal needs or the pet. The following are suggestions that may help in getting the right product:

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  • Read and follow instructions that are given on the food label

  • Buy the food from familiar sources known as outlets for such products

  • Ask the experts in food matters who could help in getting the right food for given needs.

  • Check out for instructions given by both relevant government agencies and international

  • Certification bodies like FAO of organic foods.

Staying safe and healthier is the motto of life and it is important to make the right choices in matters related to food. Good nutrition is important in having good health and good nutrition can be obtained from food with optimal nutrients and less chemical processing. It is beneficial both to humans and pets alike.