The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Review

The Cuisinart ice cream maker is worth spending your money on. It has great features that make it function effectively. If you like instant gratification then you should always keep the canister part in the freezer. It needs to be frozen before making ice cream, so if you always keep it frozen, you can make your ice cream on a whim any time you feel like it.

Functional Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

Making sorbets, fruit-based frozen desserts, or any other cuisinart ice cream recipe is simple with this machine. It will whip up your tasty dessert in just 30 minutes. Another advantage is that the recipes in the booklet that comes with the machine are good and taste fabulous. You can also make traditional ice creams in a quite fast if you so wish.

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It is important to note that creamy, gourmet ice cream requires that you make custard first, cool it, and then put it in the ice cream maker. You can skip the step of making custard and go directly to the ice cream maker. This will still create a nice-tasting ice cream, but the results will be better if you make custard first. In addition to this, the unit assembles and comes apart easily, so cleaning it is easy to clean the machine. You should buy this machine to enjoy more ice creams quite often with your family and friends.

This slushie machine speeds up various processes such as those that require people to emulsify mayonnaise, mix batters, mince parsley and garlic, chop, slice and shred meat, vegetables and cheese and knead dough. For this reason, it has become extremely important for modern cooking and hence, it makes a perfect gift for homemakers and especially the new ones.

Eurolab Slushie Machine

Features of Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

The Cuisinart ice cream maker comes with two feed tube options, one of which can handle a whole potato thanks to its large size, and has five basic attachments that enables its users to prepare wide ranging cuisinart ice cream recipes. This appliance has a pulse control that allows its users to finely chop and puree, and a compact cover that they can use when they do not need the feed tube. In order for them to store discs in a compact manner, its users should remove the detachable stem. The motor base of this appliance is easy to clean and all its parts are safe to use in a dishwasher. In addition, it includes a 30-minute video, which is specially designed to enable new owners to use and care for it, a recipe booklet, and a custom contoured spatula.

cuisinart ice cream recipe guide

The Cuisinart ice cream maker can hold whole vegetables and fruits, thanks to its enormously large feed tube. This machine’s aesthetics complements all other stainless steel appliances in your kitchen such as microwaves, toasters, and double ovens. This square shaped appliance is a favorite choice for many homemakers because it is ideal for use at any time. Although it is not as expensive as the other models, it is durable thanks to its design.

The Cuisinart ice cream maker is very easy to use even though its food pusher assembly has been modified slightly. More importantly, it is compatible with DLC-7 discs that are specially designed for its previous model. It produces excellent results with a lot of ease thanks to its discs and metal blade, which enable its users to slice and shred easily. Many people who have not tried using the cuisinart ice cream machine are eager to do so, in order to experience its unique features and benefits.

Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt Maker for Delicious Desserts

The Cuisinart frozen yogurt maker is expected to match the yogurt requirements for almost all the cuisines. Fat free sorbets, frozen yogurts and other creamy delights can be easily made using this device. With a maximum capacity of 2 litres, it features a stainless steel finish and detachable mixing paddles. The working mechanism is much more advanced than that of a slushie machine. The Cuisinart frozen yogurt ice cream maker operates from a common household AC source and does not come with any warranty period.

Recipe Tips

The Cuisinart frozen yogurt maker recipes provide solutions for rollicking desserts and drinks. The recipes can be customised as per one’s desired requirements but only as long as the yield is up to 2 quarts. Some of the common recipe procedures are as follows:

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  • All the ingredients of the yogurt are required to be precooked. The mixture is preferably allowed to chill overnight in an ice bath to ensure complete cooling. The precooked ingredients should also be cooled subsequently.

  • A particular recipe can be stored up to a maximum of three days until it freezes.

  • The whole milk and heavy cream which are rich in fat content can be replaced by the lower fat creams. However, the fat rich ingredients impart a much creamier and tastier appearance to the yogurt in relation to others. The low fat contents are often found to alter the texture and consistency of the yogurt. It is therefore very essential to use the low fat containing substances in exactly the same quantities which would otherwise be used in case of the heavy creams.

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  • Alcohol is added to the yogurt mixture in the Cuisinart frozen yogurt maker only during the last few minutes of the freezing procedure.

  • In the sorbet preparation of the yogurt, the freshness and sweetness of the fruits are checked first. The sweetness of the fruit is reduced slightly by the freezing procedure. Granulated sugar can be added to the recipes just in case the fruit tastes tart. However if the fruit is very ripe, only little amounts of sugar will serve the sweetening purpose.

  • While making multiple recipes simultaneously, it is of prime concern to completely chill the freezer bowl.

  • The lid and the mixing arm should be placed properly before switching on the machine.


The Berry frozen yogurt requires little amounts of whole milk and vanilla yogurt. Only a teaspoon of lemon, almond and vanilla extract is sufficient to impart the yogurt its appropriate taste. The mixed berries are pureed and thawed to eliminate the frozen seeds. The hand mixer of the Cuisinart frozen yogurt maker operates at a low speed and is able to blend the mixed berries and vanilla well.

User’s Manual

The Cuisinart frozen yogurt maker instructions are user friendly and can be followed easily. The instructions are given out on the manual of the Cuisinart frozen yogurt maker. The freezer bowl is washed and dried properly before completely freezing. The recipes can be followed from the recipe booklet or can be modified accordingly. The bowl is placed right at the centre of the base.

cuisinart frozen yogurt ice cream maker manual

It starts to defrost quickly once it has been removed from the freezer. This is followed by the covering of the base lid and the mixer paddle is turned on. The tabs begin to rotate clockwise and the lids get locked eventually. The ingredients are then poured into the bowl through the opening. Generally it takes even less than 20 minutes for the frozen desserts to get ready. Longer intervals of time are preferred for a much better quality output. The dessert is stored in an airtight container.

Gourmet Cakes for the Foodie!

Gourmet cakes require fresh ingredients during their manufacturing process. Heavily whipped cream, pure vanilla, butter, premium chocolate along with pieces of fruits and nuts are the main components of the cake. The cakes that are baked using a slushie machine are much tastier and have a more delicate appearance. These dessert cakes are not decorated so as to maintain its delicate appearance. The serving sizes vary from the small ones to a large chunk that can feed as many as 48 people. The traditional cakes are specially provided with butter cream. Various flavours can be added to the baking mixture of the gourmet cakes online to produce different tastes.

gourmet birthday cakes recipes

Various Selections on Gourmet Pastries

The gourmet cakes come in various flavours and sizes. Some of the most common ones are:

  • The Banana Cream cake is stuffed with banana pudding and vanilla cream is added from the top.

  • The Almond Marzipan type of cake is filled with toasted and creamy almonds

  • The Black and White chocolate cake has white chocolate within it. Milk chocolate cream is added on top.

  • The Boston Cream Cake is multi-layered and is formed from vanilla pudding, chocolate sauce and iced vanilla cream.

  • The Forest Cherry Torte is frosted with icy chocolate cream and contains cream and cherries within it.

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  • The Chocolaty Hazelnut can be made at home based on a combination of toasted hazelnuts and whipped cream.

  • The raspberry mousse along with the chocolaty sauce comprises the Raspberry Royale.

  • The Creamy Delight is stuffed with coconut pudding. The toasted coconuts and the icy vanilla cream add flavour to its overall taste.

  • Cookies and chocolate mousse is an essential ingredient of the Creamy Cookies.

  • The Chocolaty Fudge is layered with chocolate sauce and ganache. The ganache is formed from a mixture of heavy cream and semi-sweet chocolate.

slushee drinks from slushie machine

  • The German Chocolate Cake constitutes of the coconuts and pecans. Buttery cream is also added to the mixture.

  • The tangy lemon filling of the white cake results in the formation of the Lemon Mist.

  • The moist and delicate creamy cheese frosting of the Old Fashioned Carrot Cake is a recipe that was more preferred by the grandmas.

  • The Pink Champagne is filled with white cream and vanilla ice.

  • The bar mousse with a creamy and candy appearance is stuffed within the Marble Cake along with chocolate cream whipping.

  • Some of the White Cakes contain creamy strawberries with a vanilla creamy topping.

  • The Tuxedo Cake has a double round appearance and has a multi layered creamy butter serving. The garnished dark chocolate finish is a unique feature of this type.

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  • The white cakes often contain gourmet coffee. Coffee fillings and vanilla cream are then added to form the Tiramisu.

  • The Turtle Cake is layered with pecans and caramel and has chocolate mousse contained in it. Caramel cream is added from the top.

  • The Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse is a white cake that is also provided with an icy vanilla cream.

Baking Process

The gourmet cup cakes are baked intricately using a wide range of gourmet ingredients from all across the world. The cup cakes play an important part in the joyful celebrations and events like anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. The decors and flavours of the traditional cake centrepieces are customised according to the consumer requirements.

Gourmet Cake – A Perfect Gift

The cakes can also be gifted on auspicious occasions and are specially baked. The gourmet birthday cakes are gifted in elegant boxes and are often accompanied by a personalised message which makes the cake even more special. The gourmet cakes can also be shipped and delivered to the desired postal address at very reasonable prices.

Ice Cream Manufacturers for Various Types of Ice Creams

The finest quality of ice creams, along with their super hard structure makes the private label ice cream manufacturers very popular amongst ice cream lovers. The premium freezers and automatic hardening techniques, coupled with the massive storage capacity of creamy milk, facilitate the smart production of ice creams in almost no time. The level 3 certified pallet storage and the excellent refrigerating systems are an added advantage.

best ice cream manufacturers

There is a wide variety of ice cream flavours available in the market and they vary from brand to brand. Some of them make use of the slushie machine to impart their own signature flavours. A few of the vanilla brands continue to be just as popular as they were initially.

The inclusion of fudge sauces, candies, cookies and cake dough by the ice cream manufacturers contribute to the overall ice cream flavours. The brownie fudge bits, Espresso flakes, cheesecake bits, velvet cakes and graham crust bits are some of the frozen delicacies that are most preferred. The chocolaty chip cookie and moose track mix are some of the other tastier alternatives.

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The Ice Carts

The ice cream cart manufacturers make use of several carts that differ in their design and functionality.

  • The Snow Ice Cart is used to manufacture ice cart from high quality ice cream through its highly efficient operating mechanisms. The cart features a canopy made out of fibreglass. It is also equipped with a bottle rack that can hold as many as 12 syrup bottles. The insulated chambers underneath can save fairly large quantities of ice and prevent them from melting for up to 10 hours. The Ice shaver is controlled either electrically or manually.

  • The Push Cart has a compact, stylish design and is hence more durable. It is provided with a number of unique features like preparation tables, storage racks, shelves for placing the cups and a wash sink.

  • The Ice Cream Cart caters mainly to the purpose of manufacturing frozen yogurts. It is a single hybrid unit formed from the combination of beverage and ice cream machines. It is an important tool for beverage businesses. Its efficient working mechanism increases the profitability of the business by cutting down on the heavy rentals.

  • The Ice Cream Trolley is chiefly a catering equipment. It has a platform that helps in the pushing and pulling action of the trolley. It has the most reasonable pricing range and is very useful in transportation purposes of the ice cream manufacturers.

private label ice cream manufacturers

The Cone

The Ice Cream cone manufacturers cover a diverse range of cone features. Some of them are listed below.

  • The Choco Vanilla Cones are made from raw materials that are premium graded. The cones are extremely hygienic and made in accordance with international standards. The ice cream manufacturers make the cones from different flavours including vanilla, butter scotch, chocolate and strawberry. The high quality ice cream cones help restore the freshness of the product. These delectable delicacies are also provided at very affordable prices.

  • The Cone Ice Creams are filled with various creamy substances along with nuts and caramels. The butter scotch and chocolate flavours however do not contain such additives.

ice cream cone manufacturers

  • The Crackle Ice Creams are provided with the finest quality of cones and are packaged efficiently to maintain the specified hygienic requirements. The cones have a crunchy texture. The delicious creamy and crunchy taste of the ice creams can be enjoyed in different flavours.

  • The King Cones are mostly popular amongst the young age group. It covers an amazing range of flavours and can be enjoyed even while taking a casual walk. The small cone sizes contain pistachios within them. The normal sizes feature common flavours like Butter Scotch, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Learning the different varieties of ice cream flavours, cones and manufacturers definitely help a lot especially if you are planning to venture in this kind of business. Make sure you carefully study every aspect and factor so you won’t risk your investment, no matter how small or big it may be.

Coffee Becomes Special with Cuisinart Grind and Brew

When it comes to jumpstarting the day, there’s no better way to begin it than with a finely brewed cup of cappuccino. And what else could be more special than a cup of coffee brewed in a Cuisinart grind and brew? In this busy era of machine-made objects and concrete jungle all around, people tend to relax holding a cup of hot coffee with an enigmatic aroma. There are loads of brands which make coffee makers but the articulately made Cuisinart coffee machines actually do the best to keep the taste and aroma of the coffee unscathed while brewing.

cuisinart grind and brew thermal coffee makers

The Brand

Those who believe in the theory of living life king size always go for an extravagant manner. They tend to bring ultra modern look to their home appliances and Cuisinart is a familiar brand name to them. The brand with promising products and a wide array of appliances to choose from, created a buzz from its very debut in the industry of cooking appliances and has carved a niche for itself. As the brand is a huge hit in US, Cuisinart has practically become the synonym for kitchen appliances. The brand delivers almost every product that a contemporary kitchen requires and is best known for its production line of Cuisinart grind and brew thermal and slushie machine.

slushie machine for home

Purpose or Usage

What each and every coffee machine does at its best is that it makes coffee. However, what sets Cuisinart grind and brew from the rest is that it makes coffee with a little difference and renders it a touch of excellence. The machine successfully serves the optimum flavor and scent of the coffee as it gets the right proportions extracted from coffee during brewing while other coffee makers end up simply boiling the beans. As a Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker comes with a double coated pot, it keeps coffee hot for long hours and does not fail to keep the perfect taste of the warm delicacy intact. On the other hand, the normal coffee makers fail to do the same and the coffee’s taste also becomes bitter with the passage of time. To cope up with today’s active lifestyle, people try out quicker options of ready to drink coffee pouches which either contain harsh chemicals or taste simply stale. But as a Cuisinart grind and brew comes with an enclosed grinder or crusher, it never gives the user a single chance to catch a grain of chemical but to have sips of pure coffee.

cuisinart automatic grind and brew thermal how to use

Features and Looks

Cuisinart automatic grind and brew – the name itself suggests that the product is automatic. There is a far-flung range of coffee makers by Cuisinart and almost all of them consist of some of the best features available in the market today. First of all they are fully programmable. Secondly, the automatic grinder within the machine crushes the coffee beans before they start brewing. The charcoal filter clears all the scum from water to make the beverage hygienic. This exceptional appliance comes with a separate chamber and filter so that a user can clean it easily.

cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker reviews

Now, coming to its looks, these masterpieces retain the old charisma of Italian styling. Its coffee jar with stylized handle and knuckle guard make it an interesting article which adds a new dimension to someone’s kitchen. This machine is capable of serving ten to twelve cups of coffee at a time.

Coffee is an essential beverage which makes even a dull morning happening. Throughout the day, one can drink several cups of coffee to energize himself as it is a great source of caffeine. Provided a Cuisinart grind and brew is at home, one doesn’t need to worry much about the coffee making process, but to savor the moment and get drenched in the aroma of the beans.