The Importance of Healthy Eating for Kids

Although healthy eating for kids is extremely important, teaching children on ways of eating healthily and the reasons for doing so has become very difficult nowadays, owing to the presence of fast food in all places around them. Children will always opt for happy meals instead of chicken salads. Fortunately, parents can ensure that they eat the healthy foods that they like by narrowing them down.

Why healthy eating for kids is important

The foods that children eat largely determine how they grow and develop. Hence, it is advisable for parents to learn more about the benefits of healthy eating recipes for kids in order to be aware of the dangers of not paying attention to this aspect of the development of their children. The benefits of nutritious and balanced meals transcend into adulthood and for this reason, all growing children need these meals.

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A guide pyramid helps parents to understand the various food groups even better, and those who do not know about it should make an effort to learn more about it. All the food that their children eat is divided into nuts, grains, fish, vegetables, poultry, fruits, beans, meats, and dairy products. Children eat a balanced diet when their meals include all the food groups. The intake of some groups such as meats and oils needs to be lower as compared to the other groups.

Parents as an example

If parents do not follow the food groups carefully, they will not experience the benefits of healthy eating for kids. For example, apples offer more benefits to the overall health and well-being of their children in their natural state as compared to apple pies that have sugar.

Parents should lead as an example in order to enable their children to have healthy eating habits. They need to teach their children to eat right from the time they are young because this leads to habit forming. They should only put their children on restrictive diets when a pediatrician approves and supervises them. Overweight children are traumatized because of their large size. Fortunately, parents can avoid this by feeding their children with the right types of healthy and nutritious foods that are necessary for their development.

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Ways to ensure healthy eating for kids

  • Parents should guide the choices of their families by shopping appropriately; they should avoid dictating because it might not work. They should ensure that a sufficient amount of healthy foods such as dips and yoghurts that can enable them to prepare healthy snacks and meals for their families as well as vegetables and fruits.

  • Make healthy eating activities for kids a family affair that allows parents and their children to exchange ideas and talk happily to each other. These activities will prevent children from gobbling their food, instead they are trained to eat at a slower pace.

  • Prevent children from overeating by giving them healthy alternatives such as fruit and low fat milk when they want to take snacks between meals.

  • Take your children when going shopping and preparing meals in order to learn more about the foods that they prefer to eat and use this time to teach them why nutrition is important.

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Healthy eating tips for kids

The kitchen is the foundation of a sharp mind and healthy body because it determines if children eat healthy foods. Parents should therefore try as much as possible to make the food that they cook palatable and at the same time retain every essential nutrient that they contain.

Parents can make the task of preparing meals for their children easier by following recipes and using a slushie machine. They may get confused when they want to come up with their own recipes by using various ways. Fortunately, they can make the creation process of delicious meals more enjoyable and easier by adding vitamins to meals that include hearty carbs.

Facts You Should Know About Heart Healthy Diet

Did you know that the quantum of blood your heart pumps in your lifetime would be approximately equal to water that would flow out of your kitchen tap if it were left running 24/7, 365 days for 45 years? In contrast, most pumps of similar capacity would have breakdowns and entail maintenance costs from the 5th year onwards. Your heart also lets you maintain it with simple but regular exercises and heart healthy diet. It is hardly an expensive option when compared to the costs you could incur if you neglected your cardiovascular system for too long.

Myth about Healthy Diets

For some strange reason, people presume that any diet that has the word “health” in it is not tasty. This is the reason they are not really interested in heart healthy diet. The difference between normal eating and eating according to a heart healthy diet plan is

right heart healthy diet plan

  • Moderation of calories

  • Timing food intake so that heart does not have to work overtime sometimes and remain idle at other times

  • Inclusion of some foods that are healthy for your hearth, and

  • Exclusion / replacement of foods those are harmful for your heart.

What is allowed in healthy heart diet?

You would be surprised that you are not asked to abstain from your favorite foods and beverages. This means you get to eat

  • chicken,

  • bananas,

  • whole-grain rice cakes,

  • brown rice,

  • scallops,

  • leeks,

  • mushrooms,

  • apples,

  • hamburgers,

  • cheerios,

  • cereals,

  • cheddar cheese,

  • cream cheese,

  • yogurt,

  • milk,

  • pork loin,

  • beef,

  • sweeteners,

  • past,

  • grapes,

  • potatoes.

heart healthy diet plans weight loss

At times, a slight change in preparation procedures is all it takes to make the food healthy for your heart. This means opting for low calorie salad dressing can make the otherwise unhealthy salad, healthy for your heart. There are several heart health related articles on Internet that suggest heart healthy diet menu for each day of the week. These let people enjoy eating without being aware of their gradual shift towards healthy diets and healthy habits.

Ice creams, Slushies, and Your Heart

Heart healthy diet recipes include those for ice creams and slushies. Instead of using whole milk and creams in such ice creams, sweetened milk without fat content is used, along with some skimmed milk.

  • Yolks of two eggs are also excluded while preparing such ice creams. Instead, gelatin is used to give that creamy and rich feel.

  • Vanilla and chocolate ice creams made with and without such modifications do not vary much in taste, if at all. Contrary to popular belief, ensuring that ice cream is chilled thoroughly before churning it is what gives it its smoothness.

Likewise, minor modifications to traditional slushie recipes cannot only let you enjoy those nutritious drinks, but also keep your heart healthy. Refined sugar is the main culprit in these nutritious beverages, giving them their excessive sweetness, and syrupy texture. You can substitute this high calorie ingredient with natural sweeteners that have lower calorie content, if you like sweet slushies.

  • Alternately, you may opt for sweet slushies made from sweet fruits such as watermelon. You can also combine this fruit with cucumber for making another variety of slushy. People who prefer slushies that are not sweet but sour and salty can use lime juice, kosher salt, and mint to add flavor to their drink. Ice cubes play a crucial role in slushie preparation. There are innumerable ways of making slushies and you can come up with a recipe of your own. Just remember to peel the fruits and vegetables you intend to use in your recipe, and remove their seeds before putting them in your slushie machine. You don’t want your heart healthy, and taste bud friendly slushie tasting bitter, do you

heart healthy diet plan recipes

Diets good for your heart are not essentially unpalatable. You are better off remembering that your body gets programmed to eat what you fed it since your childhood. Sugar adds a lot of calories, and it makes your heart labor as if it’s lifting a heavy suitcase. Same is the effect of some fats. Your mind has been programmed into believing that these taste good. All you need to do is change that program. Initially, it may seem difficult to overwrite it, but a few months down the lane, you would be surprised at how delicious these heart friendly diets are.

Healthy Diet Plans

A healthy diet plan is essential to maintain good health and reduce the risks of diseases, deficiencies and other health related conditions. Good nutrition assists with growth, wear and tear, repair, immunity and for proper functioning of the body. The diet should have sufficient fluids, amino acids, calcium, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and right amount of calories.

It’s not about excluding the foods we love or maintaining self unrealistically thin but to energize and keeping the mood stable and being healthy. A healthy diet plan focuses on foods that are low in cholesterol, added sugars, salt, Trans fats and saturated fats.

It should include:

proper healthy diet plans

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • Whole grains

  • Healthy fats like Low fat or fat-free milk and dairy products

  • Lean meats

  • Fish

  • Poultry

  • Eggs

  • Nuts

  • Collards

  • soy milk

  • Mixed nuts

  • Avocado  

  • Limit salt and sugar

Calories: Healthy diet plans comprises of foods which contribute of about 1,200–1,600 calories per day for men and about 1,000–1,200 calories per day for women.

All Year healthy diet meal plans include careful planning and preparation as the season changes.

Summer-Spring: Eat lots of fresh fruits. Include berries as they have antioxidants to neutralize free radicals. Avoid plenty of fast foods

Fall: Feed on pumpkin and squash which are rich in Vitamin C, fat and cholesterol free. Avoid candies, chocolates and added sugar items.

Winter: Eat on good amount of citrus fruits like tangerines, grapefruits and oranges. Avoid added sugars like drinks and coffee.

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Healthy slushies using slushie machine

Slushies use 12-22 percent of sugar in the drink and healthy slushies from slushie machine can be made such as:

  • Luscious Slush Punch: pineapple slush and strawberry punch is combined.

  • Rhubarb Punch Slush: juice of rhubarb is combined with lime and lemon soda.

  • Party Punch: Gelatin (fruit flavor) is combined with lemon juice and pineapple and served with ginger ale poured on top.

  • Lime slush: Gelatin (lime) is combined with juice of pineapple.

Healthy diet plans for men should include 2,200 calories daily in combined form comprising of Starches, Protein, Fruits, Legumes, Vegetables, Tropical fruits and oils.

The Beginner Diet Plan:

  • carbs-218g,

  • Fat -83g,

  • Protein -218g

The Muscle-Gain Diet Plan:

  • carbs-300g,

  • Fat -100g,

  • Protein -225g

The Weight loss Diet Plan:

  • carbs-150g,

  • Fat -88g,

  • Protein -150g

The best foods that reduce risk of heart disease, prostrate health, sexual health, obesity, building muscles and diabetes and to be included in the diet plan for men are:

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  • Oysters like Shellfish, lean pork and beef and legumes

    • antioxidant and zinc is present

  • Bananas:

    • rich in magnesium, Vitamin B-6 and potassium, is a good energy source.

  • Fatty Fish like herring, salmon, tuna and sardines

    • rich in Omega-3

  • Broccoli

    • rich in potassium, Vitamin C and beta carotene.

  • Brazil Nuts

    • rich in magnesium, antioxidants and selenium

  • Whole Grains

    • rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins

  • Plant Stanols like soy products, orange juice, cheese, granolas

    • lowers cholesterol.

  • soya beans, red orange fruits and many more

Healthy diet plans for women should include

1500 calories daily comprising of:

  • lean protein-2 servings,

  • calcium -3 servings

  • healthy grains- upto 5 servings

These plans should focus on foods that:

Keep you full

  • foods rich in fibre, of slow digestion and in low calories like soups, fruits and vegetables.

Fat and Carbohydrates loss

  • rich in healthy fats and complex carbohydrates like fruits, flaxseed oils, whole grains and vegetables like avocados etc.,

Fresh foods

  • Fresh ones are low in sodium.

Specific diets

Tesco Diets and vegetarian diets are healthy diet plans women trying to stay fit.

The best foods to be included in a diet plan for women for avoiding heart risk, muscle cramps, weight gain, breast related problems etc., are:

ealthy diet plans for men to lose weight

  • Avocados

    • rich in calcium and works on joints, reducing cholesterol and keeps the body strong.

  • Bananas

    • assists with maintaining weight, sweat losses and absorption of fluids in the body.

  • Berries

    • rich in antioxidants and protects muscles from damage by free radicals.

  • Carrots

    • is blood filler, controls contractions of muscles and BP.

  • Whole Grains

    • energy boosters, muscle builders and maintains weight.

  • Eggs

    • Yolk is iron source and curbs cholesterol and good for brain health.

  • Chocolate Milk

    • rich in minerals, vitamins and calcium. It is good for muscles and replenishment.

These healthy diet plans are standard for healthy individuals with no prior medical conditions. Apply caution when following these diets when you are diagnosed with health problems. Some foods may be restricted by your physician and may not be suitable to your medication. If you are healthy with no other issues with health, you can follow these healthy diet plans or create your own based on the above mentioned healthy tips.

Healthy Food For Kids For Total Body and Brain Development

The benefits of healthy food for kids are apparent. Overlooking the aspect of healthy eating at the growing age can hamper the overall development of children. Saving your children from a number of health issues apart from obesity becomes an easy task once you switch to healthy food recipes for kids. So, guiding your children about the balanced and nutritious diet becomes all the more important once they reach the age where they are attracted towards eating pastas and pizzas.

What is a Balanced Diet? 

All the food that we take is divided into groups. Grains, fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, fish and nuts comprise major chunk of our food. A balanced diet is made up of all the essential nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in the right proportion. Healthy food for kids has to be balanced where they should get all the groups and the consumption of groups like fats and oils are to be lesser than the other groups.

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How Children Can Get the Optimum Benefit of Healthy Meals

No doubt, that healthy food for kids can do wonders in the physical and mental growth of your child but this does not mean that you follow the food groups blindly. For instance, you cannot replace a fresh apple for a sugar laden apple pie. Also in healthy food choices for kids, try to give whole fruits and vegetables in the form of palatable salads instead of making juices. All the fruits and vegetable taken in their natural state are more beneficial. 

Train Healthy Eating Habit at an Early Age

If you want your children to eat the right kind of food, you should start inculcating the habit of picking up the right food at an early age. Healthy food ideas for kids do not mean that you deprive your children from fats and oils completely. It is better to make healthy choices for kids under the guidance of a qualified pediatrician. Enlightening your children against the drawbacks of junk food is very important and the earlier you do so, the better the results would be.

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Shopping Well

Make very sure to shop well and purchase a lot of fruits, vegetables, eggs, yoghurts and healthy dips. Your house should always have these things so that whenever your kids feel hungry they can have a healthy bite. Avoid purchasing junkies like chocolates, pizzas, noodles, chips and pasta. However, attractive packaging these foods may come in, do not get swayed away as eating these foods on a regular basis can wreak havoc on the health of your child. Also, avoid purchasing pre-packaged juices and make fresh fruits or vegetable juices at your home.

Making Mealtimes a Family Affair

This is very important. Make your children sit with you and exchange jokes, stories or other ideas with them when they take meals. This will help your child to eat slowly. If your children are simply gobbling down the healthy food in haste, it would not do as much good as you are anticipating. To get the maximum benefit of healthy recipes, they have to chew these foods properly.

healthy food recipes for kids lunch boxes

Be Innovative in Cooking

It is true that children care the least about the benefits of healthy food. They are tempted to gobble down the food that tickles their taste buds. To make the monotonous but healthy food palatable, you will have to give wings to your imagination and turn the food interesting for them. Your children will sure to eat more healthy food once they are lured towards it. For that, you should have equipment like mixer, blender and slushie machine. So, be innovative in preparing smoothies, healthy dips and fruit salads for them. Healthy food for kids is a boon so guide them about its benefits at an early age.

Tips in Providing Healthy Cat Food

If you have a cat for a pet, it’s very important that you always get it healthy cat food to keep it in good health. This is something that seems obvious for many, but the fact of the matter is that there are many people who feed their cats food that might not be good enough for them. In order to do this, you may need to exercise a certain degree of vigilance when buying, storing and using the cat food.

Some of the variables you need to watch out for in order to ensure that your cat gets fed healthy food include:

Consider the nutritional benefits of the food

best healthy cat food

When you first get your cat, you need to find out what nutrients it needs most, and then make sure that all the food you get contains these nutrients. The types of nutrients needed by different cats depends on a number of factors, including the age and physiological status of the cat. By consulting a professional such as a vet, you can ensure that you figure out exactly what it needs, and then provide it with these nutrients.

This is especially important when you want to make healthy homemade cat food. In such cases, it’s very easy to make food that is deficient of certain important nutrients especially if you don’t know what your cat needs.

Make sure the food is of the right consistency

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One important factor that determines whether your cat will be healthy or not is the consistency of the food you give it. Even if the food contains all the nutrients needed by the cat, there are times when you might provide the food in a form that the cat might not find easy to consume. For instance, there are some cats that might be too sick or too young to eat dry food. In such cases, providing the cat with healthy dry cat food might not be a good idea since the cat won’t consume it. It is a better idea to get a slushie machine that you can use to make the food more liquid, and therefore easier to feed to such a cat. An alternative to this would be to get healthy wet cat food that is of the sufficient consistency to make it easy to feed the cat.

Amount of food

indoor healthy dry cat food

For the cat to be healthy, it also has to be fed healthy cat food in the right quantities. How much this is depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the cat. One good way to figure out how much to feed the cat is by observing how many times in a day you have to refill the cat’s bowl. If you find that you have to do this very regularly, it might suggest that you are giving it too little food each time you serve it. It means that you should consider increasing the amount of food given to the cat each time you feed it.

In summary, it is very important for you to give your cat healthy cat food in the right quantities and consistency in order for the cat to be healthy. A well fed cat always make a better pet compared to one that is malnourished, so this is something worth considering. In addition to improving its physical appearance, making sure its well fed also reduces the risk of illness, which in turn means that you will have to spend less money at the vets. Most people think that healthy feeding of a cat is a bit expensive, but the truth is that you stand to save a lot by simply doing this.

Helpful Tips to Attain Healthy Diets

Millions of men, women and teens struggle against weight gain constantly, despite going on what they consider as healthy diets. This battle is one that some people win while many others lose. What most people forget is that when trying to lose weight, every aspect of their lives affects their progress, not just the dieting. In many cases however, what people consider a healthy diet is nothing more than unhealthy meals disguised to appear healthy.

Take a look at these tips to make healthy eating easier and even more enjoyable, regardless of your gender and age.

Healthy diets for teens

Teenagers are at that stage in their lives when every morsel counts. Unfortunately, many of them are struggling with food disorders of various sorts because of what they see on television and magazines. In order for teenagers to be healthy at a crucial stage in their lives, they need to learn how to eat and how much.

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The more active a teenager is, the more calories that he or she will need. Vitamins and minerals must be incorporated in the food that the teenagers eat, as well as supplements if necessary. Teenage boys usually require more calories than teenage girls. However, most teenage girls will need to take foods that are rich in iron because of their periods. At least five servings of fruits and vegetables should also be included in healthy diets for all teenagers, as well as plenty of water, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In fact, if a teenager is active and feels hungry, he or she should be encouraged to eat in moderation.

For women

Healthy and diets for women are quite tricky to come up with. Women are quite fussy when it comes to what they eat and things get much more complicated as they grow older. What is needed in many cases is a balanced diet that is rich in iron for any woman who has not had menopause. On the other hand, women who have undergone menopause will need healthy diets that are rich in proteins and all the necessary vitamins that are in short supply in their bodies at that stage of their lives. Any woman, regardless of age, who is looking to lose weight will however need more fiber, less carbohydrates and fats and plenty of water. Any woman who is active will usually require more calories than one who leads a more sedentary lifestyle.

mid section view of a woman cutting vegetables

For men

Healthy diets for men should have enough calories to accommodate their body energy needs, which are higher than those of women. Any man looking to build some muscle will have to incorporate a lot of lean proteins into their diets. Carbohydrates are also an essential part of any diet for men in addition to fiber. Unlike women, men would benefit more from around nine servings of fruits and vegetables as opposed to just five servings. Water is something that men should drink in higher quantities.

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Healthy diets should also allow for some flexibility when it comes to desserts. Any man, woman or teenager who sticks to the healthy diet of his or her choice faithfully, should be able to take advantage of the slushie machine once in a while without guilt. In fact, doing so will make them more willing to stick to that diet in the long-term.

The body’s overall health and well-being will always depend on what you put inside it. If you wish to maintain a leaner and healthier body, you will need to take time and encourage yourself to engage in healthy eating habits. In return, you will get a stronger immune system, helping you resist infections and communicable diseases faster and more easily.