Sweet Sixteen Favors

For most western culture, turning sixteen is a momentum for great celebration of transition to womanhood. This is a time of discovery of new things while not totally abandoning the age of innocence. Sixteen is the age of dreams and working towards the fulfillment of that dream.

Celebrating Sweet Sixteen

The celebration of sweet sixteen milestones can be simple to elaborate depending on how much the family would want the party to be grand. This party will include cake, bands, dresses, and sweet sixteen party favors.  Some would even rent or possibly buy a slushie machine to serve their delicious frozen drink to their guests and young guests.

best sweet sixteen favors ideas

Planning the Sweet Sixteen Event

If you want to throw your own sweet sixteen party or if you want to plan a surprise for your loved one, here are some simple step by step and checklist to go through in order to pull off a great party.


The first thing to draft is the budget. Ask how much you are willing to spend for the entire party. You can draft out a range of costs in order to cover other unforeseen expenses.

List of Guests

How many are you expecting to come in the party? In this context also you should be thinking on what are the right and perfect sweet sixteen favors ideas to give your guests as souvenir of the event.

Venue & Food

These two aspects of the party are the budget draining part of the event. The venue and food will take the majority of the expenses. Take time to choose which venue could fit all your guests and which caterer has the most affordable set of servings without compromising quality and taste of the food.

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Band and Musicians

These people bring out the life in the party. If you have relatives and friends who are musically oriented you can ask them to play during the event to give live entertainment and to save talent fee costs. But if you want to impress your guests with professional band, then you can also opt for professional musicians to meet your standards. Try out the different bands before you decide on hiring them.

Party Favors and Invitation

The design for your sweet sixteen favors for girls and invitation should coincide with the theme of the party. If you have the time to make your favors, you can personalize them with your creativity. If you want to have it professionally done, you can do so but with extra cost.

best sweet sixteen party favors

Ideas for Sweet Sixteen Favors

There are many ideas for sweet sixteen favors available in crafts shops in the malls and market. In choosing the best sweet sixteen favors, you need to identify first the hobbies of the celebrant so that the favor will represent what the celebrant values the most. Hence, here are some of the most popular sweet sixteen favors to choose from:

  • Butterfly Jewelry Box
  • Personalized Mugs
  • Personalized Photo Frame
  • Key chains
  • Chain Bracelets
  • Anklets

best sweet sixteen favors

  • Photo booth souvenirs
  • Engraved Jewelries
  • Shopping Coupons
  • Concert Tickets
  • And many more

To be able to identify which of the favors is best for the occasion and meets the character and personality of the celebrant, you need to figure out what she wants most or what she does during her free time.

Planning a sweet sixteen party can be a tedious task especially if you have a low budget and no idea where to start. Sweet sixteen favors are important part of the party because it is part of the keepsakes of the occasions. The most practical and useful type of party favor is something that the guests will be reminded of the celebration every time they use that party souvenir.

Ideas For Sweet Sixteen Gifts

For some people, turning sixteen years old is a milestone birthday to celebrate that deserves special sweet sixteen gifts. It is sometimes the birthday everyone is looking forward to and is a special event in every person’s life. Sweet sixteen is the age of being young and becoming adult and people are interested in celebrating it with great party for their friends and relatives. It is the happiest celebration of life for both the celebrant and guests. While celebrating your dear ones birthday especially sweet sixteen it is necessary to give them a charming sweet sixteen gifts. In the party everyone is expected to present some gifts and as much as possible make it as unique as you can.

cute sweet sixteen gifts

Sweet sixteen gifts

To charm your sweet sixteen, it is necessary to select the gift such that no one else will bring. Sweet sixteen gifts needs to be special, personal, memorable and once in a lifetime sort of gifts. Getting a gift for the one who is going to turn sixteen is a big deal. Some of the best gifts that can be offered are

  • Useful Gifts 

Presenting a gift that is actually needed for your loved one is very sentimental. Gifting a slushie machine as sweet sixteen gifts is very useful gift indeed. Because everyone is craving for their favorite slushie but it is very difficult to go out to the store every time in order to get a slushie. By gifting one on sixteenth birthday makes you memorable every time when your dear one thinks of slushie. If you have decided to gift a slushie there are staggering choices available in the market to choose from. You can decide the type based on your loved ones requirement and your budget as sweet sixteen birthday gifts to your loved ones.

best customize sweet sixteen gifts

  • Electronic Products:

Presenting Electronics is another way of best sweet sixteen gifts. You can choose from variety of products range from mp3 player, mobile phones, ipads, ipods etc. You can choose the gift based on your loved ones interest and your budget. Apart from these things Laptop, Digital camera, Video camera, netbook, game console are other choices available to impress the dear ones.

elegant sweet sixteen birthday gifts

  • Day with Friends:

Since teenagers loves to go to movies, it is a special kind of sweet sixteen personalized gifts. you can arrange for a movie or tickets for his/her favorite sports team to your loved one along with his/her friends make the cheer countless. This will be coupled with dinner before or after the event is a fantastic idea make the day memorable.

slush Machine

  • Theme Parties: 

Nowadays theme parties are getting famous. You can pick a time theme that makes memorable experience. This theme party can be part of your birthday gift. One of the best theme is sweet sixteen theme in which you can gift some sixteen things wrapped together to show that he/she is turned sweet sixteen. Some examples are a new watch, DVD collection of his/her favorite show, lip gloss, new Mp3 player and many more.

Some other ideas are offering sentimental gifts such as heart necklace or heart key chain make it more memorable. Since sentimental gifts are always appreciated for milestone birthdays. Show your friend with the sentimental gift that you are friends forever. this makes the occasion more memorable. Regardless of the above mentioned actual gifts that are selected well, a best memorable gift is the collection of photographs and video recording of the entire occasion. Scrapbook with photos and notes from those who shared the occasion makes it lifetime memorable and enjoyed event.

Make the Season More Meaningful with Easter Candy

Easter is a holiday which is mostly about the Easter candy. Part of the excitement of Easter is in the Easter basket that typically contains lots of candies from caramel eggs to chocolate bunnies. Each Easter morning, a great number of children all around the world expect to see Easter baskets laden with delectable sweet treats. Every kid enjoys a different flavor of candy and therefore it is not certain which type you can choose for your little ones.

There are, however, few basic ideas that you can follow to select an Easter candy for your kids. There are several options to choose from. The candy should not only taste great, but also healthy as much as possible.

yummy easter candy

Available Choices

  • Small Treats

There are basic chocolate eggs and bunnies. These are just the repackaged chocolate. Definitely, you need something special for the occasion and which is available only on Easter. You can order for personalized candy with a message from Bunny. Whatever candy you opt for, ensure that it is good for your kid. Do not go for the best online, go for what is best for the child. The pricing for the candy varies according to what type of candy you purchase. However, your little one deserves all the investment. However, the ingredients of a majority of commercial Easter eggs are usually not recommended for persons dealing with lactose intolerance. Essentially, the chocolate coating is a blend of chocolate and milk as well as other ingredients like sugar and additional flavoring.

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  • Vegan Easter treats

There are a number of manufacturers out there which specialize in producing vegan Easter candy. Some of the vegans are lactose intolerant and may react to the milk used in making most Easter treats. They may experience the dreaded symptoms once they consume the candies. This is mainly due to the milk content in the chocolate coating. There are lactose free milk substitutes that are used as ingredients for the candy treats. Lactose free and non-dairy candy targeting the vegans and lactose intolerant individuals is available in the market. These chocolate candies are typically made from natural and nutritious ingredients. Some might also have organic ingredients, thereby making them of higher quality. Most lactose free and non-dairy Easter treats are safe for both adults and children. The non-dairy candy may be enjoyed by people following a vegan diet.

diy homemade easter candy

  • Gluten Free Candy

Special occasions such as Easter can be nerve wrecking when you have a kid with conditions such as intolerances, celiac disease or food allergies. This is because food remains to be major aspect of celebrations. It is always good to double check the ingredient lists for gluten. There are several Easter treats that are gluten-free. These days, many online sites and specialty stores offer gluten free Easter candy. It is important to note that some candy products have gluten free ingredients, but they might contain traces of wheat; depending on their manufacturing process. Most of the gluten-free candy products are available in Easter themed colors and shapes which is just suitable for Easter baskets of them that need gluten free Easter treats.

  • Homemade Treats

You can as well make your own homemade Easter candy since it is not that difficult. Some of the best recipes that you can try are chocolate-coconut eggs and chocolate-peanut butter eggs. In case your kid is allergic to peanuts, you can try using a different sunflower seed butter or nut butter. You also could double the filling for coconut and make all the chocolate-coconut eggs. These candy treats are dairy free so long as you utilize dairy-free chocolate chips like Chocolate Dream, Ghirardelli semi-sweet and Enjoy Life Foods.

delicious gluten free easter candy

Additional Ideas for Indulging in Sweet Treats this Easter

A great way to provide something exciting and unique for Easter holidays is a dependable slushie machine. With this machine, one can make their own Easter candy using a wide array of flavors and of course, their favorite choice of colors.

One of the great things about Easter treats is that they usually involve some kind of flavor collaboration. The sweet and salty combinations will leave the kids wanting more while chocolate and fruit are blended together to attain some level of snacking euphoria that is unparalleled by other candy flavors. Try out the various flavors available – from whipped minty frosted treats to poutine-inspired ones – when purchasing the Easter treats for your kids.

Extra Fun and Excitement With Candy Buffet

Although a candy buffet is one of the best ways of sweetening up special occasions such as a wedding, most people do not know about it. When you want unforgettable, fun, and innovative wedding favors, you should consider having it because it is a great way of thrilling people during your wedding ceremony. It allows your wedding guests to choose the delectable treats that they prefer and put them into the candy containers that you provide during your wedding by presenting them with an assortment of these treats. This type of buffet also helps in keeping dessert costs down. It is an original and memorable wedding giveaway that caters for the varying tastes of your guests.

high quality slushie machine

Candy Buffet Ideas for Your Wedding

When you want to set up a wedding candy buffet, you have the option of sticking to the wedding color scheme that you choose or using a different one. You can do whatever you want. First, you should use a slushie machine or nice containers that have the ability to display your candies for setting up a table. You may also use candles, ribbons, and flowers for decorating the candy buffet.

When it comes to your candy selections, you should be creative by having some gummy bears, candy necklaces, and lollipops. You can have a multitude of candy varieties. You should also prepare boxes, small jars, and giveaway bags that your guests can use for filling up with the candies that they prefer.

great candy buffet

Chocolate Treats and Candies

When it comes to chocolate, you should make an effort to offer chocolate selections in wrappers or shells instead of offering the truffle types, which may melt or soften when they are not in a container. Assorted Hershey’s mini-bars, Kisses, M&Ms or Hugs are good examples of the favorites that you should add to your buffet. However, chocolate that is covered with cherries or raisins is also a good choice if the temperature or the humidity level at the banquet that you throw during your wedding is favorable.

Wedding themed candies are many. However, you do not have to stick with them. You can consider other options if you do not like foil wrapped hearts or marshmallow doves that litter the dessert table. Just like chocolate, gummies, and mints are popular.

You should also use the color theme that you have already chosen for your wedding for the candy. When you want to set up this type of buffet, red and pink, blue and white, as well as white and yellow are excellent choices. You can make something chaotic into a beautiful decoration by using all the sweets in a single color or two colors.

cute baby shower candy buffet

You should enable your guests to scoop out the candy easily if you decide to offer various smaller candies. You should ensure that all the containers have some small scoops and provide your guests with small bags or little boxes for putting their goodies. Since only some of the guests will try to fill many bags, this helps to limit the amount that they can take.

Loose Candy is Fun

When setting up a cheap candy buffet, you should include some lollipops or wrapped items that your guests can grab easily when they want one piece. Good options include peppermint sticks, chocolate, licorice, and small bags with little candies. When you purchase these prepackaged options in bulk, they can also be less costly sometimes.

best wedding candy buffet

You should remember to include napkins. Wet wipes help in wiping the sticky off the hands of your guests without the need for them to queue at the sink in the bathroom .Hence, you should add them to the buffet table. You can get wipes that are wrapped individually and leave them in a bowl next to the candy.

You can use the aforementioned candy buffet ideas for any event including a baby shower candy buffet, which requires the putting out of an assortment of goodies like this. However, they are particularly ideal for a wedding. Remember, when you want such ideas for a wedding, you have endless possibilities. You should therefore make your reception memorable by using a delightful table that has plenty of tasty treats for your guests. You can also include your favorite candy brands in order to share part of yourself .This will enable your guests to enjoy and cherish the sweet giveaways.