Ice Cream Cakes and It’s Growing Popularity

Perhaps two of the most consumed desserts in the world are cakes and ice creams. Cakes in particular, have been widely consumed especially on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Ice creams on the other hand, have been a constant food in the table not only for special occasions but even on regular days where people just want to eat and indulge on sweets. It also one of the easiest desserts to make, as it would only require a person to have an ice cream maker at home such as a small slushie machine to make these special ice creams.

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But what if people combine both? Would it be possible to have a cake and an ice cream in one serving? Apparently it is. Because of man’s never ending endeavor of making unique and tasty food, they have come up with the idea of making one of the most delicious treats of all time, the ice cream cakes. But what does it take to make one of these tasty desserts? And what are the different varieties of ice creams cakes are there? All of these and a couple more will be discussed on the later part of this article.

How to make an ice cream cake

There are already a hundred different websites and thousands of cookbooks out there that have featured the technique and steps on how to make a delicious cake made of ice cream. And apparently the steps are quite easy to follow and anyone can be able to make one at home. The cake part of the treat is baked just as how a cake should be, and then afterwards frozen.

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The ice cream is shaped on a mold to whatever shape is necessary and both are assembled while still being frozen. To serve as a frosting, whipped cream is usually used because it easily adheres to the frozen cake compared to other types of frosting. After such time, the finished product is kept in a freezer to keep it frozen until the serving time comes to avoid melting of the ice cream part.

To make custom ice cream cakes, one can add several ingredients as well as toppings to the dessert itself to make it more unique.

Where to buy ice cream cakes

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Apparently there are already thousands of different establishments nowadays that serve such delicious ice cream cakes. And to be able to find the best ice cream cakes in the market, one can start off by going to various gourmet shops and several food establishments in the neighbourhood to try out their very own version of the cake.

One can also use the internet to find the best tasting ice cream cakes in the nearby areas especially those who offer home delivery. They just need to make sure to read all the various comments about the product and the establishment itself to ensure they get the best of the best when it comes to this type of dessert.

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Other varieties

Because a cake of this variety uses ice cream as its main ingredient, it is also good to know that ice cream cones could also be used to hold the dessert. This gave way to the birth of the ice cream cone cakes. The cake is usually placed inside the cone itself and then the ice cream is placed on top of it, resembling a typical ice cream on a cone but with a surprise treat once the cone is already eaten.

The best dessert

As this dessert becomes more and more popular, everyone seems to agree just how it has fast become the most favorite dessert of all time. People just can’t seem to enough of this treat, whether cake lovers or ice cream lovers they may be.

Benefits of Organic Food

Organic food is that food which is produced by using farming methods that are environment and animal friendly. In other words, the methods used in farming are devoid of artificial means like chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In organic farming the fertility of the soil is improved by using crop rotation, compost and manure. Since organic food is a product of organic farming, it is in order to conclude that the food is not polluted by chemicals hence good for health.

Benefits of Organic Foods

There are many benefits that accrue from organic diet some of which are as follows:

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  • The food is best for environment since there are no chemicals used in producing it.

  • The food is healthful both for humans and animals.

  • It is cheap to produce because there are no fertilizers and pesticides used. The compost and manure used is directly obtained from the farm.

  • Organic food is relatively cheap and affordable when obtained directly from local farms.


The following are some of the challenges of obtaining organic foodstuff:

  • Due to the expensive way of production, the foods tend to be more expensive than those that are conventionally produced.

  • The word “Organic” is general for the food could be organic to a certain percentage, but 100%.

  • Ascertaining the percentage at which the food is “organic” poses a challenge to many who could like to get 100% organic.

Types of Organic Foods

Natural foods can include organic foods but not all natural foods are organic. All foods certified as organically produced are labeled by the US government. There is a variety of organic food obtainable from the stores, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cafes and other outlets. There are vegetable-related organic foods and animal-related organic foods. Some of the common vegetable and fruit-related organic foods are:

  • kale,

  • grapes,

  • strawberries,

  • peas,

  • lettuce,

  • celery,

  • carrots,

  • peaches

Some of the animal-related organic foods are:

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  • milk,

  • eggs,

  • meat.

Animal organic foods are obtained in a secondary method for they are obtained from animals that have convert the original food into organic.

As observed earlier, organic nutriment products are available in the form variety of juices processed by the slushie machine and yoghurt and ice cream among others. The variety of organic foods available could be used by both human and animals like pets. There’s a variety of organic pet food that’s certified and available for all nutritional needs pets. In the category of pet foods are also organic cat food and organic dog food.

Obtaining the Right Type

There are many challenges as to how one can obtain the right kind of food ideal for personal needs or the pet. The following are suggestions that may help in getting the right product:

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  • Read and follow instructions that are given on the food label

  • Buy the food from familiar sources known as outlets for such products

  • Ask the experts in food matters who could help in getting the right food for given needs.

  • Check out for instructions given by both relevant government agencies and international

  • Certification bodies like FAO of organic foods.

Staying safe and healthier is the motto of life and it is important to make the right choices in matters related to food. Good nutrition is important in having good health and good nutrition can be obtained from food with optimal nutrients and less chemical processing. It is beneficial both to humans and pets alike.

Healthy Dog Food Brands

 If you have a cat for a pet, it’s very important that you always get it healthy cat food to keep it in good health. This is something that seems obvious for many, but the fact of the matter is that there are many people who feed their cats food that might not be good enough for them. In order to do this, you may need to exercise a certain degree of vigilance when buying, storing and using the cat food.

Some of the variables you need to watch out for in order to ensure that your cat gets fed healthy food include:

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Consider the nutritional benefits of the food

When you first get your cat, you need to find out what nutrients it needs most, and then make sure that all the food you get contains these nutrients. The types of nutrients needed by different cats depends on a number of factors, including the age and physiological status of the cat. By consulting a professional such as a vet, you can ensure that you figure out exactly what it needs, and then provide it with these nutrients.

This is especially important when you want to make healthy homemade cat food. In such cases, it’s very easy to make food that is deficient of certain important nutrients especially if you don’t know what your cat needs.

"this is very very tasty!"

Make sure the food is of the right consistency

One important factor that determines whether your cat will be healthy or not is the consistency of the food you give it. Even if the food contains all the nutrients needed by the cat, there are times when you might provide the food in a form that the cat might not find easy to consume. For instance, there are some cats that might be too sick or too young to eat dry food. In such cases, providing the cat with healthy dry cat food might not be a good idea since the cat won’t consume it. It is a better idea to get a slushie machine that you can use to make the food more liquid, and therefore easier to feed to such a cat. An alternative to this would be to get healthy wet cat food that is of the sufficient consistency to make it easy to feed the cat.

Amount of food

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For the cat to be healthy, it also has to be fed healthy cat food in the right quantities. How much this is depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the cat. One good way to figure out how much to feed the cat is by observing how many times in a day you have to refill the cat’s bowl. If you find that you have to do this very regularly, it might suggest that you are giving it too little food each time you serve it. It means that you should consider increasing the amount of food given to the cat each time you feed it.

In summary, it is very important for you to give your cat healthy cat food in the right quantities and consistency in order for the cat to be healthy. A well fed cat always make a better pet compared to one that is malnourished, so this is something worth considering. In addition to improving its physical appearance, making sure its well fed also reduces the risk of illness, which in turn means that you will have to spend less money at the vets. Most people think that healthy feeding of a cat is a bit expensive, but the truth is that you stand to save a lot by simply doing this.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker for Frozen Delights

The Cuisinart ice cream maker runs chiefly on electricity and is able to automatically generate a quarter in about 20 minutes. Its simple operation techniques make it a user friendly device. Consistent chilling is also provided at low temperatures and this does not involve the inclusion of ice cubes. The transparent locking of the lid allows for regular monitoring and also functions as a safety control. Quick clean up is enabled by the non-stick surfaces of the chamber. It serves the multiple purpose of making frozen drinks, yogurts and ice creams. The freezer comes with a double layered insulation. The lid locking action helps in the external addition of the relevant ingredients. The device comes along with a user guide manual and a warranty period of 3 years.

cuisinart soft serve ice cream maker reviews

Scooping It Up

The Cuisinart soft serve ice cream maker freezes the liquid that is present between the chamber walls. The chamber is paddled upwards and is powered from the base. The ingredients are placed inside the chamber from an opening at the top. The chamber paddle churns up the contents well enough at desirably low temperatures. At significantly low temperatures, the mixture gets hardened and chips, nuts and chopped fruits can be added externally to contribute to the overall taste of the ice cream. The freezer is capable of storing the ingredient mixture in a cool environment before it can be consumed. Irrespective of the various styling requirements, the icy Cuisinart action provides for the manufacturing of the frozen delicious dessert. Yogurts and sorbets which are completely free of fat content can be made easily and in no time. Creamy frozen results can also be obtained by placing all the ingredients within the bowl and by simply switching on the machine or by using a slushie machine. The integrated motoring technique along with the efficient working of the mixing arm, aerates the ingredients well.

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Product Range and Reviews

The long product range of Cuisinart ice cream maker covers a wide range of customised options and stylish designs. With the unique food processor in place, a much more creative approach to ice cream making replaces the old traditional methods. Cooking healthier meals within a short span of time eventually became an important part of people’s lifestyle. From the automatic ice cream makers to the manually operated ones Cuisinart has it all covered. The Cuisinart ice cream maker reviews are of significant importance when it comes to convincing potential customers to give it a try. The device is reviewed well and is often complimented by the experts for its efficient working mechanism. The mixture bowl can contain up to 5 quarters of frozen dessert at once. Besides its storage capacity has also gone down quite well with the critics.

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The Recipes

Some of the Cuisinart ice cream maker recipes are as follows:

  • The simple vanilla ice cream requires granulated sugar and whole milk. Besides, pure vanilla extract and whole cream is also required. A hand mixer is used to churn the ingredient mixture which then requires to be refrigerated for at least 1-2 hours. For a softer texture, the contents need to be refrigerated for long.


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  • The butter pecan ice cream manufacturing process begins with the melting of the butter into the skillet of the Cuisinart ice cream maker. Little quantities of salt are added initially to the pecans. The pecans are then allowed to cool for some time. The butter is added yet again from the top to add to the taste of the ice cream.

  • The ingredients of the chocolate ice cream are granulated sugar, cocoa powder, heavy cream, whole milk and vanilla extract. The mixture is stirred properly using a hand mixer at low speeds. To obtain a harder texture, it is cooled at considerably low temperatures and is taken out from the refrigerator roughly 20 minutes before serving.

Every household owner can’t ask more once they have this handy device. They can enjoy a cool and tasty treat from the leading manufacturers that has received praises all around the world.