Health Benefits of Low Carb Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the common food items added in the daily meals of many people. Sugar level varies from one form of yogurt to another. Certain types of yogurt contain low carbohydrates whereas other types contain high level of carbohydrates. Which yogurt is high in protein and low in carbohydrate? This question is commonly heard from the face of many people. People in search of yogurt with high protein and low carbohydrates are advised to choose Greek style yogurts. Today, there are several types of yogurts available in super markets. Yogurts with flavors are generally high in carbohydrates and low in proteins. 

How to use a low carb frozen yogurt in meals

There are several answers for the above mentioned question. Diet planners generally advise people to use low carb yogurt in conjunction with fruits like apple and grapes. This healthier food item can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also make an easier and healthier dessert by pairing yogurt with walnuts and honey. As per studies, constituents present in Greek yogurt are found to be very beneficial to improve the production of digestive enzymes in body. Key constituents present in Greek yogurt include proteins, sugar and carbohydrates. 

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Benefits of low carb yogurt

Apart from improving the digestion process of the body, including a cup of Greek yogurt can provide many health benefits to a person. Improving the immunity system is one of the important health advantages of using yogurt in daily meals. The quality of yogurt is a main factor that determines its health advantages. Usually the best low carb yogurt is a composition of milk and cultures. At present, there are several types of low carb yogurt brands available from market. Selecting the best brand from hundreds of other products may be a difficult task for many people. Hence, it is advised to do a little research first before selecting any one of the brands from market.

Choosing the right low carb yogurt

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Many of the yogurts available in the market are unsweetened. People undergoing proper diet schedule can add ingredients like sucralose and aspartame to sweeten the product. For the best health benefit, it is advised to use plain yogurt devoid of flavors with meals. It not only promotes digestion but also improves the overall health of body. In certain diets like south beach diet, dietitians advice people to include a half cup of yogurt in their meals per day. It boosts the production of immunity cells and prevents the risk of health disorders naturally. 

Today, people can easily add different flavors to yogurt with the help of a slushie machine. People in search of a simple as well as natural food source to boost immunity better health condition of the body can make use of fresh yogurt in their meals. Apart from making digestion easier, it is a common food source recommended to make skin smoother and glowing. People with low bone density can also make use of fresh curd to add calcium to their body. 

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In conclusion, yogurts are definitely healthy and beneficial, especially when it contains low carbohydrates. This kind of yogurt is especially recommended to those who are trying to maintain a special diet. It is also a great option for people who are watching out their body weight. As long as you have the essential information that you need, you can easily choose the right low carb yogurt that’s perfect for your preference.

Make sure you always read the labels and product description so you are always informed of what you are planning to buy. Apart from the brand, you should also look for the expiration date and list of ingredients to guide to accordingly.

Sugar Free Yogurt

After a long hot day, you may be one of those who enjoy an ice cold treat such as sugar free yogurt. Not only tasty, but sugar free yogurt offers a nice refreshing feel as it slithers down the taste buds of the tongue. Much as the sound of “sugar free” is discouraging to many as they feel sugar is a necessity in desserts and or treats. Many of today’s sweets and desserts sugar are not necessary as other substitutes have been created and explored as either healthier or more convenient alternatives. Yes, although it may not be the sugar rush you’re looking for you may find that these sweets can be very tasty.

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 Fat Free, Sugar Free Yogurt

Fat free sugar free yogurt is another beneficial advancement in the world of yogurt. Many dieters can now indulge in their favorite snack with not so much of the guilt. So what is it that people like so much about yogurt It is just frozen ice cream right? Well many enjoy the simple but unique texture of yogurt and the thousands of very unique flavors many yogurt companies produce. Some different than other most fat free yogurts yield low calories and are perfect for those looking to lose some pounds without having to give up every bit of their favorite treat.

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Different Flavors of Yogurt

Yogurt is not new in today’s society as it has been around for decades, but new flavors, ingredients, sugar and fat free alternatives have been introduced. Even fat free and sugar free yogurt has been introduced allowing almost everyone the ability to indulge in the sweet taste of many different tastes and varieties of yogurt. Although yogurt is mainly mass produced rather easily, it is very possible and easy to make it at your own home.

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Your Own Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt has grown in popularity and there are many recipes you can find online. Search around online or at your local library for a sugar free frozen yogurt recipe Slushies are also a yummy treat that’s also includes a huge variety of flavors and different types. So if you’re not much of a yogurt fan, an ice cold Slushie may be right for you. Many treat themselves to the refreshing feeling and enjoy it in your everyday life. You may find yourself continuously make trips to your local gas station or convenient store. Save yourself the trip if you are a real Slushie lover you may find investing in your own Slushie machine. Not only is it very convenient but any flavor you want can be implemented and tasted to your liking.

sugar free frozen yogurt recipe for ice cream maker

New Yogurt Delicacies

Whatever it is that you like whether it’s sugar free frozen yogurt, fat free, they are all great choices and are not as unhealthy as ice cream and other high calorie high sugar desserts. Yogurt has been around for a long time, and will continue to grow and always be a part of many peoples everyday lives In a sense it’s a genius invention that has captured many taste buds and offered low cost as well. Many desserts often fall off or lose popularity after time as they get “old” or unhealthy, yogurt continues to get bigger as they now have “yogurt in a stick” and many other modifications to it.

Explore many of the new tastes, and different types of yogurt, you may find you’ll like what you taste. Yogurt has that perfect moderation that is right for everyone. So the next time you’re having a bad day , dieting and craving a sweet snack, or even making your own in the comfort of your own home sit back and relax and enjoy one of the greatest treats in the world

Yogurt Machine Models – How Do They Really Work?

Yogurt machines are increasingly becoming popular as people are looking for better ways of saving on yogurt. Making your own yogurt comes with its own advantages like being able to know exactly what’s going into your yogurt. It also helps to minimize wastage. Yogurt machines come in various sizes and designs depending on how much yogurt you want to make. With your own yogurt machine, you’ll be able to make your own blend of yogurt, add in all kinds of ingredients and you can also experiment to come up with unique kinds of yogurt flavors.

How Yogurt Machines Work

There are dozens of yogurt machines out there from ordinary yogurt machine to frozen yogurt machine and commercial yogurt machine. All these yogurt makers are functioning the same way. All you have to do is to create a concoction of milk and starter (the bacteria that makes the yogurt), then pour the mixture into the machine which keeps it heated between four to eight hours.

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Models Available

The main models of yogurt makers are mainly divided into two groups. These two are the following:

  1. Sachet Models

These models use water and starter sachets to make yogurt. They consist of a canister and a flask and are good for people who like flavored yogurt and are less interested in electrical models.

  1. Electrical Models

These models, on the other hand, are good for large families with different yogurt tastes. Like a slushie machine, they are also a great option for families with kids. If you only intend to make natural yogurt or a flavored yogurt, then you should settle for a single bowl model.

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Yogurt machines are a great way to cut down on costs especially on grocery store purchases of yogurt. They also allow you to have healthier yogurt, made specifically according to your health needs. You can use low fat skim milk to make the yogurt or regulate the amount of sugar in your yogurt.

If you’re a fan of yogurt but are afraid of the amount of sugar in the yogurt or the quality of fruit used, it is a good idea to have your own yogurt making machine. The good news is that there are plenty of yogurt-making machines available so you will be spoilt for choice. There are dozens of good brands out there that have been tried and tested.

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Choosing a Yogurt Machine

Capacity is a very important aspect to consider when it comes to choosing a machine. Most of them come with between six to eight cup capacities. Yogurt makers also come with various additional features and these also determine the type of yogurt maker to purchase. Additional / optional features to look out for include the lids, the glass jars, the display and the timer.

EasiYo yogurt makers and Salton yogurt machines are among the most outstanding yogurt makers on the market. There are various home frozen yogurt machine models; but when choosing a yogurt maker, it is very important to select one that will meet the needs of your family to the maximum and one that comes with the majority of the features above. Though not all the additional features may affect the performance of your machine or be essential, it is better to opt for one that has as many features as you can get.

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Final Thoughts

Yogurt makers or machines are one of the must have accessories in every home especially a yogurt loving home because they enable you to enjoy your favorite yogurt at any time without having to trouble yourself moving out of your home to look for yogurt. If you love making your own flavor of yogurt, then it’s high time you get a yogurt machine for your home.

A Comprehensive Review of Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

It has been agreed by the majority of yogurt lovers that Euro Cuisine yogurt maker can be categorized as the best yogurt maker available in the market. If someone is a yogurt lover and dislike spending a high amount to purchase yogurt from supermarkets, then he can prefer to prepare the same by himself. It is very easy to prepare the yogurt at home and the ingredients used are more healthy and fresh compared.

It is an awesome idea to make a healthy yogurt at home and have the same health benefits that you can get from those that are commercially manufactured. It is a fact that with the right sort of equipments, the yogurt making process gets even simpler. Like the slushie machine, the buyer can easily get yogurt machines in the market; which are mostly affordable and can be used even by a beginner. One of the most renowned names in this category is Euro Cuisine automatic yogurt maker. Fortunately for the user, it allows for easy to preparation of different kinds of yogurt in various flavors and concoctions.

euro cuisine yogurt maker review

 Distinguishing Features

With this yogurt maker, it is so easy to prepare fresh yogurt within just a few hours, which is sufficient enough to last for a full week. The user can prepare almost two quarts of yogurt at a single time, within six to eight hours approximately. The user doesn’t need to stand there all the time either. Just add all the fresh ingredients and the machine will do its work automatically. Euro cuisine yogurt maker is a light weight machine and thus can be stored anywhere quite conveniently when the machine is not being used.


The design of Euro cuisine yogurt-making machine is a simple one. Specifications are as follows:

  • It is comprised of a warming unit along with a plug-in base, made up of plastic, other than yogurt holding well, a clear plastic lid which is of clamshell shaped and an ON switch. The entire unit can be easily placed anywhere, even if your kitchen size is small.
  • Measurement-wise, it is just 5 3/4 inches high along with a lid on and 9 1/2 inches width, in terms of diameter. This yogurt maker is made up of glass which is of the capacity of six ounces (almost 5 1/4 cups of yogurt can be made at a single time).
  • These jars are consisting of screw-on plastic lids, which are utilized mainly while storing the yogurt prepared in the fridge.
  • Other than these, there is also a slightly low tech timer is added, which is also known as an Hour Reminder and a nub made of plastic is placed on the lid that can be positioned as per the number specified on the base.
  • Yogurt maker euro cuisine instruction also mentions that the machine will not get automatically switched off. The euro cuisine yogurt maker has a warranty period of three years. There are five unique euro cuisine yogurt maker recipes mentioned in the instruction booklet.

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 The Euro Cuisine Advantage

Here are the great advantages that user can get a hold of when using this handy machine:

  1. It is capable of preparing up to 2 quart yogurt in a single time
  2. Any kind of milk, including soy milk can be used to prepare the yogurt
  3. Yogurt container is free of BPA; which means it is safe for kids and adults alike.
  4. The entire machine is comprised of a serving bowl, cotton bags which may be required while preparing cheese and a thermometer, which is made up of stainless steel.
  5. The warranty period is of three years.

Nutritional Values of Yogurt

Yogurt is not only a tasty treat, but side by side, it is filled with different nutrients and vitamins. When a person uses this machine by Euro Cuisine, he can add various fresh ingredients to it so that the yogurt may turn out to be possibly the healthiest thing to eat, even healthier than the one available in stores. The buyer may also check out the recipes on the manual to get more idea on how to add more nourishment and taste to the yogurt.

top euro cuisine yogurt maker recipes

The nutritional values will be immense once the user adds such fresh ingredients to the yogurt. So, on the one hand it will not only prove to be the healthiest food for the family but equally a delicious cuisine as well. Homemade yogurts are generally rich in calcium, potassium, vitamin C from fruits, niacin, and many more.

Purchasing Tips

 The Euro Cuisine yogurt making-machines are widely sold at most appliance store and similarly, in online shopping portals as well. So it will be more convenient for the buyer to check the reviews from those websites. Side by side, the buyer can place a safe online order too, or may order it by calling at the 24-hour ordering number.

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 Regular intake of yogurt can result to a drastic improvement of the overall health. Energy levels may get boosted up once the family has this delicious item in their regular diet. Side by side, instead of wasting a bulk of money by purchasing yogurt from the supermarkets, the buyer can easily make yogurt at home. This is healthier and even better when the user adds healthy ingredients into it. So avail Euro Cuisine yogurt maker and let yogurt become a part of your everyday life.

Major Facts About The Best Probiotic Yogurt

What Are Probiotics?

Scientists have found that the best probiotic yogurt has a great potential when it comes to improving one’s health due to the fact that it contains the probiotic elements. What are probiotic elements? These are basically some bacterial strains that can improve the health of human beings. Taking probiotics regularly can help improve one’s digestion system as well as strengthening the body’s immunity. This in turn can help protect the body from being attacked by some opportunistic bacteria like the ones responsible for causing diarrhea. One of the easiest ways to go about consuming probiotics is by taking food substances containing the element for example those drinks that contain probiotics. As a result of this, you are always encouraged to take best probiotic yogurt more often. There are a lot of varieties of yogurts that one can enjoy drinking not only for refreshment but also for health reasons as well. Best probiotic yogurts can come in different kinds ranging from sweetened to unsweetened flavors.

the best probiotic yogurt on the market

Healthcare professionals believe that taking other types of yogurts that do not contain the ”beneficial micro organisms” that is the probiotics is likely to make one grow fat and suffer from obesity. This is the main reason as to why in the olden days before the idea of producing the probiotic yogurts came into existence people used to suffer from obesity a great deal. Statistics show that in America alone, over 75 percent of yogurt consumers during that period of time suffered from obesity. However, with the new idea of producing yogurts containing ”healthy microorganisms,” the number of people suffering from obesity has greatly reduced thanks to those behind it.

How Does The Best Probiotic Yogurt Help Improve Our Health?

Studies show that constant drinking of the above type of yogurt can help minimize the chances of a woman’s vagina from getting infected by fungal bacteria especially those caused by ”yeast”.
Therefore, women are encouraged to drink at least 2 cups of the above type of yogurt each and every single day.

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Patients suffering from diabetes are also encouraged to purchase the best probiotics on the market that is the probiotic yogurts as they have been scientifically proven to manage the blood sugar level to the required levels.

Sometimes probiotics do help to reduce the inflammatory bowel system (IBS) infections. This is due to the fact that beneficial microorganisms can help boost the body’s immunity as mentioned earlier on.

People should note that the best yogurt with probiotics is very much affordable, just the fact that it contains some healthy elements to the body does not mean that it can never be affordable to most people. In fact, they are always cheaper than most ordinary soft drinks. When it comes to where to purchase them, the list is always endless.

best yogurt with probiotics

There are thousands of stores and supermarkets all around the world stocking the above types of yogurts from different manufacturers to an extent that the consumer always finds himself/herself spoiled for choice. All that you have to do is to go to the nearest mall, locate the slushie machine, and pay the required amount after which you can be able to obtain your best flavor from it.

There are also numerous online stores that one can purchase his/her favorite brand at the best trade deals ever, remember the more orders one places the more discount he/she is likely to get.
When it comes to payment means, one should worry the least as most of these stores do accept various forms of payments ranging from debit to credit cards. After the end of a transaction in this case, one is always required to sit back, relax and wait for his/her items to be delivered at his/her doorstep regardless of where they are.

Yogurt With Probiotics: Basic And Important Facts

Some people like yogurt with probiotics for breakfast, lunch and even dinner, but very few actually know why it’s such a great idea to choose only yogurt brands with probiotics in them. For the uninitiated, yogurt itself has achieved its super-food status courtesy probiotics – these are gut friendly bacteria that help with digestion and their population needs to be restored when depleted. Now, there are several questions that arise here. Learn these simple answers to all these queries:

yogurt with probiotics for babies

  • Yogurt With Probiotics

There’s an elemental difference between your average yogurt with probiotics and a brand that claims to offer yogurt with most probiotics. Average yogurt is prepared by adding bacteria to fresh milk that anabolizes (opposite of metabolism) the milk and produces the “creamy consistency” thing that people know as yogurt. Now that is healthy and does have a good amount of probiotics in it, but what about those brands that claim to offer maximum probiotics in yogurt? Well, in those cases the milk is treated differently. It is first heated to remove any bacteria, and then cooled and then measured amounts of clinically inactive bacteria are introduced. The end product isn’t your common curd – it’s loaded with healthy bacteria that can restore gut health.

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  • Why Need Probiotics, When You Are Perfectly Healthy?

It’s not a medicine for your bowel ailments – although doctors do advice probiotics when you have improper bowel movements, but that’s mostly about stimulating the body to jump back into “normal function” mode. For most people, they want to be healthy, but end up not trying to. Junk food, too much stress, dehydration, improper food habits and sedentary lifestyle can wreak havoc on our digestive health and that’s when the friendly bacteria in our gut take the beating and eventually get flushed out of the system. When that happens, you pick up stomach infections easily and it’s not before you’ve dumped some antibiotics inside you that you’d be saying goodbye to those digestive problems.

You’d want to have them back in your body to do the dirty work in your gut, but the problem is gut flora cannot be restored by the average food items. Doesn’t matter how long you spend milking your slushie machine – it’s not going to give you back the lost bacteria if it’s not a yogurt based slushie.

healthy yogurt with most probiotics

Probiotic ice creams and even chocolate are available, but they are not readily absorbed by body – if you really want to restore your gut flora, yogurt with probiotics is the way to go.

  • Added Benefits

Things don’t really convince most people unless they offer something extra, right? Well, here also yogurt is not going to disappoint you. If you have the best yogurt with probiotics, you’ll not only have a healthy digestive system, but also a healthy immune system. Yogurt enhances immunity.

One serving of yogurt contains enough vitamin C to fight off the ill effects of common flu and fever. If you are a religious yogurt consumer, you might even say good bye to you Vitamin C supplements! It’s good for the skin too. Irregular skin texture, rough patches and blemishes are easily removed through regular consumption of probiotic enriched yogurt.

best yogurt with probiotics

Need more reasons?

Yogurt can reduce hypertension risks by more than 50%. That simply means your heart would thank you if you take two – three servings of yogurt everyday! Now, here’s the best part – yogurt can significantly reduce chances of infection in your private parts. As the gut flora gets restored, the harmful bacteria responsible for infections in the reproductive organs are shown out of the door.

So, it’s time you started getting thanks from your digestive system, your heart and your spouse by just having some tasty probiotic rich yogurt everyday!

Best Frozen Yogurt – Recipe and Composition

The best frozen yogurt covers a wide range of flavours along with plenty of other toppings that pamper your taste buds. It forms the perfect dessert choice during the summer seasons. A conventional light scoop constitutes half the total fat that is equivalent to about one third of the calories derived from the yogurt.

Barring the fat and calorie content, there are several other parameters that make the creamy delicacies ideal for a summer treat. The best frozen yogurt franchise is mostly offered by some of the well known national brands like Blue Bunny and Healthy Choice. The finest brands give top priority to health nutrition and taste. Usually, hydrogenated oils generally contain 17 grams of sugar and 5 grams of fat.

best frozen yogurt recipe

The General Recipe

The best frozen yogurt recipe requires plain yogurt whole milk and plain yogurt that is completely fat free as its chief ingredients. Corn syrup and superfine sugars are the other components of the yogurt mixture. Fruit toppings are frequently used as garnish. The corn and sugar syrups are mixed together in a bowl. The mixture is then churned well. It is then put inside an ice cream maker and allowed to freeze at subsequently lower temperatures.

The manufacturer’s guide should be followed properly for the yogurt to taste superlatively well. It should be served directly from the ice cream maker so as to ensure that the soft texture is maintained, which makes it even more delicious. A much firmer structure is obtained if the final flavouring of the yogurt is made by a covered container. This should be followed by further freezing the yogurt for about 2 hours. Assorted toppings are also added sometimes to add to the taste of the best frozen yogurt. The manufacturing procedure is very simple and the preparation takes roughly about 40 minutes.

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Other Creamy Alternatives

The best store bought frozen yogurt varies widely from the traditional ones and covers a diverse range of sugar, fat and calorific content. The natural combination of cherry juices, liquor chocolates and some other fruit flavours present in the blue bunny yogurt helps to keep the calorie level count under check. A normal frozen scoop per half cup hosts about 120 calories, 17 grams of sugar and 1.5 grams of saturated fats.

best affordable frozen yogurt franchise

The fruit mango sorbet is a tropical yogurt whose intense sweet flavour pampers the taste buds of the one consuming it. The mango delight is rich in vitamin content and provides the body with a day’s requirements of vitamin A. The mango puree being a form of natural sugar adds to the sweet taste. As a result, the sugar content of this kind of best frozen yogurt is considerably higher than that in the other ones.

The chocolate fudge brownie is a yogurt that is completely free of fat. This brownie yogurt has a fudgy texture when chewed. However, it is considered a faux pass, when it comes to ensuring the well-being of the gums. A single scoop of it is served in waffle bowls, a specially made structure that has a bowl-like appearance.

best frozen yogurt recipe ice cream makers

The half-baked premium yogurt delivers a little extra quantity of both fats and calories. The fine taste of the yogurt is also something that is present in extra amounts. It is chiefly made out of cookies that are half baked and makes use of a slushie machine to render the dough flavoured taste. Its unique taste makes it worthy for the yogurt lovers to deviate from their strict fat and sugar intake routines occasionally. Besides containing 200 calories and 24 grams of sugar, it also hosts 3.0 and 1.5 grams of normal and saturated fats respectively.

Sugar Free Frozen Yogurt for an Active Diet

The sugar free frozen yogurt can never be completely devoid of the sugar content. The traditional yogurts are formed from milk which contains natural sugars such as lactose. Sometimes, addition of some artificial sweeteners does not involve a lot of calories. The sugar free frozen yogurt carbs also make use of refined sugars in some cases.

sugar free frozen yogurt recipe

The calorific levels of the fat free frozen yogurts are usually between 160 and 200 calories. The added flavours contribute mostly to the calorific levels. Consumption of condensed milk, fresh fruits and plain milk per cup form about 260 calories. Sorbitol and sucralose act as sugar substitutes and serve the purpose of sweetening the commercial products. The fat free sugar free frozen yogurt can be made at home as well and suitable flavours could be imparted to it.

Comparing the Different Yogurts

The fat free, flavoured and other forms of sugar free frozen yogurt differ widely from the conventional types of frozen yogurts. The tabular list below makes a comparative analysis of the sugar and carbohydrate quantity that can be derived from each one of them.

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Regular Frozen Yogurt



(in grams)


(in grams)

Net Carbs

(in grams)

1 Cup




Large Scoop




Small Scoop




Fat Free Frozen yogurt



(in grams)


(in grams)

Net Carbs

(in grams)

Large Scoop




Medium Scoop




Small Scoop




Chocolate Flavoured Frozen Yogurt



(in grams)


(in grams)

Net Carbs

(in grams)

Large Scoop




Medium Scoop




Small Scoop




sugar free frozen yogurt recipe for ice cream maker

Some Common Recipes

  • The sugar free frozen yogurt sandwich is made chiefly from white wheat flour. Vegetable oil of non-dairy butter flavour is added to it in small quantities. Granulated sugar contained within the mixture imparts the sweet taste to it. A soft serving of vanilla provides the perfect flavour. The consumption of the sandwich accounts for about 9 per cent of proteins and 21 per cent fats.

  • The yogurt pie contains ingredients like graham crackers. Addition of plain honey and cinnamon enhances the taste. The fruit yogurts are generally low in fat. It has a frozen desert topping with a semi solid structure. The sweet taste is mainly because of the granulated sugar. The regular margarine accounts for 80 per cent of the fat and makes the yogurt slightly salty and sticky to the lips.

Vegetable oils form an essential part of the yogurts coated with chocolates. Confection fats can be attributed to the coconut oils. Granulated sugar is sprinkled all over the mixture. A soft vanilla serving provides the yogurt with the essential flavour. This is followed by the addition of dry powdered and processed cocoa. The slushie machine churns the mixture well at suitable temperatures.

About 5 per cent of the total nutrients derived are protein while the carbohydrate content is more than 40 per cent. The carob coating of the yogurt has carob candies and vanilla servings as the major ingredients. The composition is similar to the previous ones and consequently the recipe is also alike. Carbohydrates and fats form the majority of the nutrients. The sugar free frozen yogurt recipe is absolutely identical to the ones mentioned above, except for the external addition of sugar granules.

fat free sugar free frozen yogurt nutrition facts

Expert Suggestions

Experts believe that it is much better to enjoy only the specific yogurts that suit the calorie requirements desired by the individual. The yogurt dishes named below are the most preferred choices of the dieticians.

Food items

Carbs (in grams)

Fibre content (in grams)

Sugar (in grams)

Net Carbs (in grams)

Frozen yogurt sandwich





Yogurt Pie





Chocolate coated yogurt





Carob coated Yogurt





Frozen Yogurt




Frozen Yogurt Machine for Flavoured Creamy Delicacies

The frozen yogurt machine is based on the concept of freezing the yogurt at suitably low temperatures. The machines offer a complete range of ice cream and gelato preparation solutions. The device goes through multiple testing procedures to ensure its proper functioning. This ascertains that the superlative quality of the product is maintained consistently. The various ranges of frozen yogurt machine for sale possess different specifications to cover a diverse range of business purposes.

The soft serve devices have a medium to high capacity and are equipped with freestanding and twin twist features. The flavoured twists include: Sorbets, Custards and Sundaes. The freezing cylinders and the mixed hoppers have different styles of operations in the different appliances of the product range.

home frozen yogurt machine

The Product Range

A few of the frozen yogurt machine and their product details are discussed briefly below:

  • The soft serve frozen yogurt machine is constructed out of stainless steel and has a smart and durable appearance. The inbuilt microprocessor is equipped with a control interface and digital display. The temperature controls can be adjusted suitably and the low light alerts the user of the firmness level. Gravity fed and twist dispensers are a special feature of the device. The condensers are air cooled and have an efficient working mechanism. The standby mode is capable of maintaining the product quality at feasible temperatures for a relatively long period of time. This home frozen yogurt machine is specifically suited for self service.

great slushie machine

  • The ideal combo machine has a two flavoured dispensing technique and serves mainly as a commercial frozen yogurt machine. The control panel is digitalised and has room for dual displays that monitors the continuous production of creamy yogurts. The temperature of the appliance is controlled by the freezing cylinder controls that can be adjusted. It has a maximum capacity of generating 30 Litres of yogurt per hour. The different firmness levels cater to the different requirements of various products like sorbet, ice cream, gelato and yogurt.

  • Unlike the other ones, the mobile machine has a standard outlet. It is meant specifically to serve at events like birthday parties, weddings, functions etc. The dispensing technique is generally quick and takes roughly about 10 minutes. The cooling unit has a control panel that is similar to the combo device.

frozen yogurt machine sale

A Detailed Comparison

About 6 different models from the product range are popular amongst the users. The traditional machines on the contrary are less efficient and consume a lot of energy as opposed to the new ones and are therefore not worth the investment.

  • The Taylor Crown model is believed to be a really good machine, chiefly because of its little or no maintenance hassle.

  • The Donoper model is user friendly and comes along with a servicing handle.

  • The Electro freeze is rated the most suitable for manufacturing yogurt commercially and its performance is pretty much similar to that of the other slushie machine. Its air tubes can be adjusted accordingly which facilitates the production of creamy substances.

commercial frozen yogurt machines for sale

  • The Forte version is considered to be an economic choice. The desired hardness of the creamy products can be adjusted accordingly.

  • The heat generated by the operation of the Steolting machine, slows down the cooling procedure.

  • The WellSpring machine has a small hopper capacity that enables the formation of icy products. Even though the working parts can be found easily, the servicing process can be a little tedious.

In order to make a critical assessment of various frozen yogurt machines, a detailed comparison of all the freezers within the product range is very essential. The most suitable and user friendly machine is judged by considering a number of parameters like efficiency, capacity, working mechanism and the quality of the product so produced. The pricing range is also an important criterion.