Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt Maker for Delicious Desserts

The Cuisinart frozen yogurt maker is expected to match the yogurt requirements for almost all the cuisines. Fat free sorbets, frozen yogurts and other creamy delights can be easily made using this device. With a maximum capacity of 2 litres, it features a stainless steel finish and detachable mixing paddles. The working mechanism is much more advanced than that of a slushie machine. The Cuisinart frozen yogurt ice cream maker operates from a common household AC source and does not come with any warranty period.

Recipe Tips

The Cuisinart frozen yogurt maker recipes provide solutions for rollicking desserts and drinks. The recipes can be customised as per one’s desired requirements but only as long as the yield is up to 2 quarts. Some of the common recipe procedures are as follows:

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  • All the ingredients of the yogurt are required to be precooked. The mixture is preferably allowed to chill overnight in an ice bath to ensure complete cooling. The precooked ingredients should also be cooled subsequently.

  • A particular recipe can be stored up to a maximum of three days until it freezes.

  • The whole milk and heavy cream which are rich in fat content can be replaced by the lower fat creams. However, the fat rich ingredients impart a much creamier and tastier appearance to the yogurt in relation to others. The low fat contents are often found to alter the texture and consistency of the yogurt. It is therefore very essential to use the low fat containing substances in exactly the same quantities which would otherwise be used in case of the heavy creams.

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  • Alcohol is added to the yogurt mixture in the Cuisinart frozen yogurt maker only during the last few minutes of the freezing procedure.

  • In the sorbet preparation of the yogurt, the freshness and sweetness of the fruits are checked first. The sweetness of the fruit is reduced slightly by the freezing procedure. Granulated sugar can be added to the recipes just in case the fruit tastes tart. However if the fruit is very ripe, only little amounts of sugar will serve the sweetening purpose.

  • While making multiple recipes simultaneously, it is of prime concern to completely chill the freezer bowl.

  • The lid and the mixing arm should be placed properly before switching on the machine.


The Berry frozen yogurt requires little amounts of whole milk and vanilla yogurt. Only a teaspoon of lemon, almond and vanilla extract is sufficient to impart the yogurt its appropriate taste. The mixed berries are pureed and thawed to eliminate the frozen seeds. The hand mixer of the Cuisinart frozen yogurt maker operates at a low speed and is able to blend the mixed berries and vanilla well.

User’s Manual

The Cuisinart frozen yogurt maker instructions are user friendly and can be followed easily. The instructions are given out on the manual of the Cuisinart frozen yogurt maker. The freezer bowl is washed and dried properly before completely freezing. The recipes can be followed from the recipe booklet or can be modified accordingly. The bowl is placed right at the centre of the base.

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It starts to defrost quickly once it has been removed from the freezer. This is followed by the covering of the base lid and the mixer paddle is turned on. The tabs begin to rotate clockwise and the lids get locked eventually. The ingredients are then poured into the bowl through the opening. Generally it takes even less than 20 minutes for the frozen desserts to get ready. Longer intervals of time are preferred for a much better quality output. The dessert is stored in an airtight container.