Dessert Cups

Not all families around the world afford a dessert after each meal but for those who do, dessert cups are nothing new to their world. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials giving a wide range of choice for dessert takers. They are all attractive and pretty but what makes dessert cups even more appealing are the contents in them.


You might be asking yourself, why not use a plate? Well, a plate also has it own work of carrying food. It’s basically a utensil and this is a side item that is not necessarily a utensil. They are small, portable and stylish. Apparently no one will stare at you once you are seen walking around holding a dessert cup. But if you are spotted holding a plate or a normal cup roaming all over in the name of taking a dessert, then you are a quite a sight and center of attention. Well, use them for style and class. They are used for ice creams, chocolates, strawberries, fruit puddings and much more.

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In most eateries and creamy inn parlors, the cups are filled with the contents by slushie machine that is fitted with drinks and ice creams to be put in cups for consumption as dessert. The tap at the bottom is opened and closed simultaneously to release the content at a given time and per the client’s request.


Dessert cups exist in different types depending on size, material, design and durability. They are well designed using high quality materials. The wide variety of dessert cups gives you an opportunity to choose the type and color that you desire.

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They are basically small in size. This obviously implies that there are large sizes out there. The mini dessert cups come in a variety of shapes from trapezium to round and oval. Some of them are made of glass while others are made of plastic. On the other hand, some are made of paper. This is mostly for cakes and non-liquid forms of dessert. They are small enough to be comfortably used by young children and invalids. Some of them are colorfully decorated to attract the target clients of the younger generation.


They are made of plastic materials that are light and can be recycled. They however cannot be put on fire since they easily melt leading to waste of the dessert in it. However, plastic dessert cups can be used for holding hot drinks since glass is a poor conductor of heat. This means that you can withstand the heat that eventually passes through to your hand since it is not too much.

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These cups can be also disposed of immediately and are suitable for a large number of people especially in a party hosting a large number or people. Just large like the little dessert cups, they come in different shapes and sizes just for your own liking and preferences. Since plastic takes long to decompose, they can be put into good use of holding flowers and other kitchen works rather than careless disposition that results to environmental pollution.


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Disposable dessert cups are easily disposed of after use. They include mostly cups made of papers and are common for cake baking. They are comfortable to hold and can be fit into a small space in the bag regardless of where you are. They come in handy when travelling, going on a walk and even when hosting a big party. After use, they occupy a very limited space in the kitchen since the papers can be compressed to fit in one bag unlike the plastics that are just there occupying space. They also exist in different shapes and sizes. All one requires is deciding which one to go for.

All the above are dessert cups that are available for dessert eaters all over the world. In restaurants and parlors, the sizes have varying prices. A bigger cup is much more expensive than a smaller one and vice versa. Ice-cream desserts also come in different flavors to fit your likes and preferences. All in all, the cups just serve the purpose of holding your contents. Whether you want a big one or a small one is all up to you.