Dessert Plates Designs

Plates especially dessert plates come in various shapes, sizes and designs depending on their purpose. Plates are designed for various table uses including dinner plates, service plates, dessert plates, luncheon plates, salad plates and cheese plates among many others. Plates generally have the same shape which comprises of the well which is the bottom of the plate, the lip which is the outer edge of the plate, the rim which is the part of the plate that is sometimes called the gilded line and the base which is the underside of the well. Most plates are made from ceramic materials which can include porcelain, stoneware, bone china, metal, glass and plastic.

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Wooden Plates

Occasionally you will find plates that are made of wood, but this kind of these plates are usually ornamental and in most occasions are not used when serving dishes. Disposable plates have become a more common type of plate especially with social gatherings that attract huge crowds of people. They are usually made of paper pulp and are designed with all the various purposes in mind. The most common paper plate however is the disposable dessert plate.

Dessert Plates Designs and Dimensions

Desserts plates are usually ornately decorate and are specialized to be between 7.25 and 8.5 inches in diameter. They may be used in formal occasions or in informal occasions as the situation demands and usually come as part of a dinnerware set.

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  • Dessert plates come in various sizes and shapes but the more common design is the vintage dessert plates. These plates are the kinds that are used in most formal settings. They usually come in a variety of exquisite designs and usually measure about 20 cm. Most dessert plates are round and mostly made of porcelain, glass or plastic, and when bought separate from a dinner set can cost anything between 3.99 dollars and 15 dollars. 

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  • If you wondering how to feed the large crowd you are expecting at your wedding, then what you are looking for are the clear lightweight plastic plates that are excellent as dessert plates. These plastic dessert plates usually come in packs of about 240 pieces and are usually easily disposable after the party. They are still elegant and will serve the function expertly without the need to clean them afterwards. You can easily find them in your local stores, but if you can’t, they are easily available on websites such as Amazon and eBay.

  • Another common type of desert plate is the Elegant Dessert Square Plates. The plates can either be durable porcelain plate which can be simply white in color or have a variety of colors, or they can be simple disposable plates. Most square dessert plates are available in about 6.5 inches and the disposable plates come in sets of between 10 and 12 pack pieces. The disposable dessert plates are very convenient in situations where you have a huge crowd that you need to feed and you don’t want to do dishes later.


When you’re having a dessert that is not solid such as cheese or cake, you may feel like having a frozen non-carbonated drink commonly known as a slushy. Slushes come in various kinds and are made by freezing a non-carbonated liquid or juice. The machine used for this process is called a slushie machine. It works by keeping the non-carbonated beverage in constant motion at a temperature that is just about freezing. This ensures ice crystals to form thus making the drink slushy. This usually requires continual motion to prevent the drink from becoming completely solid ice but is cold and makes an excellent dessert drink.

Whatever your poison is in the dessert world, make sure that the right plate is used for the appropriate occasion.