Extra Fun and Excitement With Candy Buffet

Although a candy buffet is one of the best ways of sweetening up special occasions such as a wedding, most people do not know about it. When you want unforgettable, fun, and innovative wedding favors, you should consider having it because it is a great way of thrilling people during your wedding ceremony. It allows your wedding guests to choose the delectable treats that they prefer and put them into the candy containers that you provide during your wedding by presenting them with an assortment of these treats. This type of buffet also helps in keeping dessert costs down. It is an original and memorable wedding giveaway that caters for the varying tastes of your guests.

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Candy Buffet Ideas for Your Wedding

When you want to set up a wedding candy buffet, you have the option of sticking to the wedding color scheme that you choose or using a different one. You can do whatever you want. First, you should use a slushie machine or nice containers that have the ability to display your candies for setting up a table. You may also use candles, ribbons, and flowers for decorating the candy buffet.

When it comes to your candy selections, you should be creative by having some gummy bears, candy necklaces, and lollipops. You can have a multitude of candy varieties. You should also prepare boxes, small jars, and giveaway bags that your guests can use for filling up with the candies that they prefer.

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Chocolate Treats and Candies

When it comes to chocolate, you should make an effort to offer chocolate selections in wrappers or shells instead of offering the truffle types, which may melt or soften when they are not in a container. Assorted Hershey’s mini-bars, Kisses, M&Ms or Hugs are good examples of the favorites that you should add to your buffet. However, chocolate that is covered with cherries or raisins is also a good choice if the temperature or the humidity level at the banquet that you throw during your wedding is favorable.

Wedding themed candies are many. However, you do not have to stick with them. You can consider other options if you do not like foil wrapped hearts or marshmallow doves that litter the dessert table. Just like chocolate, gummies, and mints are popular.

You should also use the color theme that you have already chosen for your wedding for the candy. When you want to set up this type of buffet, red and pink, blue and white, as well as white and yellow are excellent choices. You can make something chaotic into a beautiful decoration by using all the sweets in a single color or two colors.

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You should enable your guests to scoop out the candy easily if you decide to offer various smaller candies. You should ensure that all the containers have some small scoops and provide your guests with small bags or little boxes for putting their goodies. Since only some of the guests will try to fill many bags, this helps to limit the amount that they can take.

Loose Candy is Fun

When setting up a cheap candy buffet, you should include some lollipops or wrapped items that your guests can grab easily when they want one piece. Good options include peppermint sticks, chocolate, licorice, and small bags with little candies. When you purchase these prepackaged options in bulk, they can also be less costly sometimes.

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You should remember to include napkins. Wet wipes help in wiping the sticky off the hands of your guests without the need for them to queue at the sink in the bathroom .Hence, you should add them to the buffet table. You can get wipes that are wrapped individually and leave them in a bowl next to the candy.

You can use the aforementioned candy buffet ideas for any event including a baby shower candy buffet, which requires the putting out of an assortment of goodies like this. However, they are particularly ideal for a wedding. Remember, when you want such ideas for a wedding, you have endless possibilities. You should therefore make your reception memorable by using a delightful table that has plenty of tasty treats for your guests. You can also include your favorite candy brands in order to share part of yourself .This will enable your guests to enjoy and cherish the sweet giveaways.