Facts You Should Know About Heart Healthy Diet

Did you know that the quantum of blood your heart pumps in your lifetime would be approximately equal to water that would flow out of your kitchen tap if it were left running 24/7, 365 days for 45 years? In contrast, most pumps of similar capacity would have breakdowns and entail maintenance costs from the 5th year onwards. Your heart also lets you maintain it with simple but regular exercises and heart healthy diet. It is hardly an expensive option when compared to the costs you could incur if you neglected your cardiovascular system for too long.

Myth about Healthy Diets

For some strange reason, people presume that any diet that has the word “health” in it is not tasty. This is the reason they are not really interested in heart healthy diet. The difference between normal eating and eating according to a heart healthy diet plan is

right heart healthy diet plan

  • Moderation of calories

  • Timing food intake so that heart does not have to work overtime sometimes and remain idle at other times

  • Inclusion of some foods that are healthy for your hearth, and

  • Exclusion / replacement of foods those are harmful for your heart.

What is allowed in healthy heart diet?

You would be surprised that you are not asked to abstain from your favorite foods and beverages. This means you get to eat

  • chicken,

  • bananas,

  • whole-grain rice cakes,

  • brown rice,

  • scallops,

  • leeks,

  • mushrooms,

  • apples,

  • hamburgers,

  • cheerios,

  • cereals,

  • cheddar cheese,

  • cream cheese,

  • yogurt,

  • milk,

  • pork loin,

  • beef,

  • sweeteners,

  • past,

  • grapes,

  • potatoes.

heart healthy diet plans weight loss

At times, a slight change in preparation procedures is all it takes to make the food healthy for your heart. This means opting for low calorie salad dressing can make the otherwise unhealthy salad, healthy for your heart. There are several heart health related articles on Internet that suggest heart healthy diet menu for each day of the week. These let people enjoy eating without being aware of their gradual shift towards healthy diets and healthy habits.

Ice creams, Slushies, and Your Heart

Heart healthy diet recipes include those for ice creams and slushies. Instead of using whole milk and creams in such ice creams, sweetened milk without fat content is used, along with some skimmed milk.

  • Yolks of two eggs are also excluded while preparing such ice creams. Instead, gelatin is used to give that creamy and rich feel.

  • Vanilla and chocolate ice creams made with and without such modifications do not vary much in taste, if at all. Contrary to popular belief, ensuring that ice cream is chilled thoroughly before churning it is what gives it its smoothness.

Likewise, minor modifications to traditional slushie recipes cannot only let you enjoy those nutritious drinks, but also keep your heart healthy. Refined sugar is the main culprit in these nutritious beverages, giving them their excessive sweetness, and syrupy texture. You can substitute this high calorie ingredient with natural sweeteners that have lower calorie content, if you like sweet slushies.

  • Alternately, you may opt for sweet slushies made from sweet fruits such as watermelon. You can also combine this fruit with cucumber for making another variety of slushy. People who prefer slushies that are not sweet but sour and salty can use lime juice, kosher salt, and mint to add flavor to their drink. Ice cubes play a crucial role in slushie preparation. There are innumerable ways of making slushies and you can come up with a recipe of your own. Just remember to peel the fruits and vegetables you intend to use in your recipe, and remove their seeds before putting them in your slushie machine. You don’t want your heart healthy, and taste bud friendly slushie tasting bitter, do you

heart healthy diet plan recipes

Diets good for your heart are not essentially unpalatable. You are better off remembering that your body gets programmed to eat what you fed it since your childhood. Sugar adds a lot of calories, and it makes your heart labor as if it’s lifting a heavy suitcase. Same is the effect of some fats. Your mind has been programmed into believing that these taste good. All you need to do is change that program. Initially, it may seem difficult to overwrite it, but a few months down the lane, you would be surprised at how delicious these heart friendly diets are.