Gourmet Cakes for the Foodie!

Gourmet cakes require fresh ingredients during their manufacturing process. Heavily whipped cream, pure vanilla, butter, premium chocolate along with pieces of fruits and nuts are the main components of the cake. The cakes that are baked using a slushie machine are much tastier and have a more delicate appearance. These dessert cakes are not decorated so as to maintain its delicate appearance. The serving sizes vary from the small ones to a large chunk that can feed as many as 48 people. The traditional cakes are specially provided with butter cream. Various flavours can be added to the baking mixture of the gourmet cakes online to produce different tastes.

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Various Selections on Gourmet Pastries

The gourmet cakes come in various flavours and sizes. Some of the most common ones are:

  • The Banana Cream cake is stuffed with banana pudding and vanilla cream is added from the top.

  • The Almond Marzipan type of cake is filled with toasted and creamy almonds

  • The Black and White chocolate cake has white chocolate within it. Milk chocolate cream is added on top.

  • The Boston Cream Cake is multi-layered and is formed from vanilla pudding, chocolate sauce and iced vanilla cream.

  • The Forest Cherry Torte is frosted with icy chocolate cream and contains cream and cherries within it.

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  • The Chocolaty Hazelnut can be made at home based on a combination of toasted hazelnuts and whipped cream.

  • The raspberry mousse along with the chocolaty sauce comprises the Raspberry Royale.

  • The Creamy Delight is stuffed with coconut pudding. The toasted coconuts and the icy vanilla cream add flavour to its overall taste.

  • Cookies and chocolate mousse is an essential ingredient of the Creamy Cookies.

  • The Chocolaty Fudge is layered with chocolate sauce and ganache. The ganache is formed from a mixture of heavy cream and semi-sweet chocolate.

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  • The German Chocolate Cake constitutes of the coconuts and pecans. Buttery cream is also added to the mixture.

  • The tangy lemon filling of the white cake results in the formation of the Lemon Mist.

  • The moist and delicate creamy cheese frosting of the Old Fashioned Carrot Cake is a recipe that was more preferred by the grandmas.

  • The Pink Champagne is filled with white cream and vanilla ice.

  • The bar mousse with a creamy and candy appearance is stuffed within the Marble Cake along with chocolate cream whipping.

  • Some of the White Cakes contain creamy strawberries with a vanilla creamy topping.

  • The Tuxedo Cake has a double round appearance and has a multi layered creamy butter serving. The garnished dark chocolate finish is a unique feature of this type.

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  • The white cakes often contain gourmet coffee. Coffee fillings and vanilla cream are then added to form the Tiramisu.

  • The Turtle Cake is layered with pecans and caramel and has chocolate mousse contained in it. Caramel cream is added from the top.

  • The Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse is a white cake that is also provided with an icy vanilla cream.

Baking Process

The gourmet cup cakes are baked intricately using a wide range of gourmet ingredients from all across the world. The cup cakes play an important part in the joyful celebrations and events like anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. The decors and flavours of the traditional cake centrepieces are customised according to the consumer requirements.

Gourmet Cake – A Perfect Gift

The cakes can also be gifted on auspicious occasions and are specially baked. The gourmet birthday cakes are gifted in elegant boxes and are often accompanied by a personalised message which makes the cake even more special. The gourmet cakes can also be shipped and delivered to the desired postal address at very reasonable prices.