Ice Cream Cakes and It’s Growing Popularity

Perhaps two of the most consumed desserts in the world are cakes and ice creams. Cakes in particular, have been widely consumed especially on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Ice creams on the other hand, have been a constant food in the table not only for special occasions but even on regular days where people just want to eat and indulge on sweets. It also one of the easiest desserts to make, as it would only require a person to have an ice cream maker at home such as a small slushie machine to make these special ice creams.

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But what if people combine both? Would it be possible to have a cake and an ice cream in one serving? Apparently it is. Because of man’s never ending endeavor of making unique and tasty food, they have come up with the idea of making one of the most delicious treats of all time, the ice cream cakes. But what does it take to make one of these tasty desserts? And what are the different varieties of ice creams cakes are there? All of these and a couple more will be discussed on the later part of this article.

How to make an ice cream cake

There are already a hundred different websites and thousands of cookbooks out there that have featured the technique and steps on how to make a delicious cake made of ice cream. And apparently the steps are quite easy to follow and anyone can be able to make one at home. The cake part of the treat is baked just as how a cake should be, and then afterwards frozen.

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The ice cream is shaped on a mold to whatever shape is necessary and both are assembled while still being frozen. To serve as a frosting, whipped cream is usually used because it easily adheres to the frozen cake compared to other types of frosting. After such time, the finished product is kept in a freezer to keep it frozen until the serving time comes to avoid melting of the ice cream part.

To make custom ice cream cakes, one can add several ingredients as well as toppings to the dessert itself to make it more unique.

Where to buy ice cream cakes

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Apparently there are already thousands of different establishments nowadays that serve such delicious ice cream cakes. And to be able to find the best ice cream cakes in the market, one can start off by going to various gourmet shops and several food establishments in the neighbourhood to try out their very own version of the cake.

One can also use the internet to find the best tasting ice cream cakes in the nearby areas especially those who offer home delivery. They just need to make sure to read all the various comments about the product and the establishment itself to ensure they get the best of the best when it comes to this type of dessert.

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Other varieties

Because a cake of this variety uses ice cream as its main ingredient, it is also good to know that ice cream cones could also be used to hold the dessert. This gave way to the birth of the ice cream cone cakes. The cake is usually placed inside the cone itself and then the ice cream is placed on top of it, resembling a typical ice cream on a cone but with a surprise treat once the cone is already eaten.

The best dessert

As this dessert becomes more and more popular, everyone seems to agree just how it has fast become the most favorite dessert of all time. People just can’t seem to enough of this treat, whether cake lovers or ice cream lovers they may be.