Ice Cream Cones For Everyone

Being able to make their very own ice cream right at home is one of the best things anyone could ever do when they are at the confines of their houses. Using their very own flavor, using healthy ingredients is very much possible especially when one has their very own slushie machine at home. And when it comes to serving these very delicious treats, there can be a lot of options especially when serving these ice creams at home like using bowls or glasses and spoons. However there can be several occasions that would require a person making ice cream to use another type of ice cream holder like birthdays or holidays. And with these special occasions, they need to use ice cream cones come in handy.

tasty mini ice cream cones

But what are the types of ice cream cones that can be used during these special occasions? And what are the other uses of these wonderful cones? All will be discussed on the entirety of this article.

Cake Cones

This may be the first type of cone that was ever used to hold ice creams. This type of cone in particular, as the name suggests is made from cake, pastry flour, tapioca or a combination of these ingredients. This type of cone usually has a flat bottom, and different varieties have been made to hold a single scoop or multiple scoops side by side. One unique characteristic of this type of cone is the presence of several grids at the bottom that holds the ice cream in place. It also has a rim around the top level to catch the melting ice cream’s spills.

slushie machine in a box

Sugar Cones

Another type of the ice creams cones that have been widely used is the sugar cone. These cones are conical in shape and can be easily differentiated from cake cones because they are a lot thicker and harder than the latter. And as the name suggests, this type of cone has a distinct sweet taste when eaten. This type of ice cream cone in particular come in two sizes, the large cones and the mini ice cream cones. Large cones are the ones usually used in commercial ice creams while the small ones are commonly seen in birthday parties and other home occasions such as holidays.

tasty mini ice cream cones

Healthy Cones

There are some instances however, that people with health problems need not to use high calorie and sweetened ice cream cones for several good reasons. This is the reason why gluten free ice cream cones are made. These cones in particular, have been made from all natural ingredients with the absence of cholesterol and sugar, which can be very harmful to a person suffering from diseases triggered by high calories, high sugar content foods. Another way of eating healthy treats is using these gluten free cones with healthy ice creams such as carrot flavored ice cream made from real carrots and natural sweeteners such as honey.

savoury Ice Cream Cones

Other Usage

Although cones are originally made to hold ice cream, there have been a number of good recipes that required the usage of these cones to hold them. Foods such as cupcakes in ice cream cones have been commercially made and sold in several food shops as well as at home to serve as wonderful treats for children of all ages.

Ice cream cones make a child salivate more for their cool ice cream treat. It also an effective marketing strategy to attract people if you are running out of ice cream recipes and ideas. Regardless of its make or look, an ice cream will never be complete without its trusted holder.