Important Considerations for A Commercial Ice Cream Machine

When it comes to making delicious dessert treats for everyone, making an ice cream at home is definitely one of the best ways to go. This can be made possible whenever someone has their very own slushie machine at home that can make any ice cream flavor at anytime they want. A lot of times, this habit of making delicious ice creams can end up in profit should someone decide to make these delicious ice creams for a living. And when a person decides to sell ice creams, it is a good idea to have their very own commercial ice cream machine for their shop.

So what does one need to look for in a commercial ice cream machine? What should they need to check upon purchasing an ice cream maker for their future ice cream shop? Here are some tips one can choose to follow for selecting the best commercial ice cream freezer for business.

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Consider the Space

When one decides to open up an establishment and serve their very own brand of ice cream, one thing that a store owner should consider is the amount of space that he or she would allocate for all of the appliances that would be needed to run the business. And with regards to the business’s ice cream machine, there are a couple of different ice cream machines that could be used in the shop.


  • Counter Top Ice Cream Machine – This type of ice cream machine, as the name suggests, is one common type of commercial ice cream machine that can be placed on top of the kitchen counter. This ice cream machine is now widely used among various fast food restaurants selling soft serve ice cream. One good thing about having this type of ice cream machine in the food shop is that it does not take up too much space, perfect for those tight spaced food establishments that would want to add ice cream on their menu.

  • Floor Model – The second type of ice cream machine that can be used for business is the one that can be placed on the floor of the establishment. This is perfect for those establishments with extra room to spare, serving the traditional ice cream.


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Another thing to consider when purchasing an ice cream machine is the number of flavors one wishes to sell to the customers. There are commercial ice cream machine for sale that can only produce a single flavor while there are those who can serve multiple flavors and even offers mixture of two to three different ice cream flavors for variety.

Cooling System

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An ice cream machine’s cooling system determines the type of ice cream it produces as well as the nature of the area where it will be placed. Air cooled ice cream machines are ideal for places which has an air conditioning system. Water cooled ice cream machines, though take up more space can be used even in warm areas, provided that it is attached to a water source to enable faster cooling of the ice cream.

When deciding on what the best commercial ice cream machine is to use for any kind of establishment, the things mentioned above are just some to be considered regardless of whether one wishes to buy a brand new or a used commercial ice cream machine. Now you can enjoy a cool and tasty ice cream treat at the comfort of your home. This is just one of technology’s gift of convenience to mankind. If you have the time to spare to make it into a business opportunity, then the commercial ice cream machine is the first step to realize that dream.