Make the Season More Meaningful with Easter Candy

Easter is a holiday which is mostly about the Easter candy. Part of the excitement of Easter is in the Easter basket that typically contains lots of candies from caramel eggs to chocolate bunnies. Each Easter morning, a great number of children all around the world expect to see Easter baskets laden with delectable sweet treats. Every kid enjoys a different flavor of candy and therefore it is not certain which type you can choose for your little ones.

There are, however, few basic ideas that you can follow to select an Easter candy for your kids. There are several options to choose from. The candy should not only taste great, but also healthy as much as possible.

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Available Choices

  • Small Treats

There are basic chocolate eggs and bunnies. These are just the repackaged chocolate. Definitely, you need something special for the occasion and which is available only on Easter. You can order for personalized candy with a message from Bunny. Whatever candy you opt for, ensure that it is good for your kid. Do not go for the best online, go for what is best for the child. The pricing for the candy varies according to what type of candy you purchase. However, your little one deserves all the investment. However, the ingredients of a majority of commercial Easter eggs are usually not recommended for persons dealing with lactose intolerance. Essentially, the chocolate coating is a blend of chocolate and milk as well as other ingredients like sugar and additional flavoring.

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  • Vegan Easter treats

There are a number of manufacturers out there which specialize in producing vegan Easter candy. Some of the vegans are lactose intolerant and may react to the milk used in making most Easter treats. They may experience the dreaded symptoms once they consume the candies. This is mainly due to the milk content in the chocolate coating. There are lactose free milk substitutes that are used as ingredients for the candy treats. Lactose free and non-dairy candy targeting the vegans and lactose intolerant individuals is available in the market. These chocolate candies are typically made from natural and nutritious ingredients. Some might also have organic ingredients, thereby making them of higher quality. Most lactose free and non-dairy Easter treats are safe for both adults and children. The non-dairy candy may be enjoyed by people following a vegan diet.

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  • Gluten Free Candy

Special occasions such as Easter can be nerve wrecking when you have a kid with conditions such as intolerances, celiac disease or food allergies. This is because food remains to be major aspect of celebrations. It is always good to double check the ingredient lists for gluten. There are several Easter treats that are gluten-free. These days, many online sites and specialty stores offer gluten free Easter candy. It is important to note that some candy products have gluten free ingredients, but they might contain traces of wheat; depending on their manufacturing process. Most of the gluten-free candy products are available in Easter themed colors and shapes which is just suitable for Easter baskets of them that need gluten free Easter treats.

  • Homemade Treats

You can as well make your own homemade Easter candy since it is not that difficult. Some of the best recipes that you can try are chocolate-coconut eggs and chocolate-peanut butter eggs. In case your kid is allergic to peanuts, you can try using a different sunflower seed butter or nut butter. You also could double the filling for coconut and make all the chocolate-coconut eggs. These candy treats are dairy free so long as you utilize dairy-free chocolate chips like Chocolate Dream, Ghirardelli semi-sweet and Enjoy Life Foods.

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Additional Ideas for Indulging in Sweet Treats this Easter

A great way to provide something exciting and unique for Easter holidays is a dependable slushie machine. With this machine, one can make their own Easter candy using a wide array of flavors and of course, their favorite choice of colors.

One of the great things about Easter treats is that they usually involve some kind of flavor collaboration. The sweet and salty combinations will leave the kids wanting more while chocolate and fruit are blended together to attain some level of snacking euphoria that is unparalleled by other candy flavors. Try out the various flavors available – from whipped minty frosted treats to poutine-inspired ones – when purchasing the Easter treats for your kids.