Margarita Machine

Using margarita machines to prepare food and drinks is the best experience many have had at the backyard parties, reunions, graduations, weddings as well as corporate events. Margarita machines are the newest and mostly used in restaurants among other places and events. Therefore, these machines offer different business opportunities to people. Renting a margarita machine will be of great benefit to a company or an individual. One can operate from home as part time work or even taking it as full time job. Acquire one and get into a promising margarita machine rental business or use it for food procession in your restaurant.

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Frozen Margarita Machine

The frozen margarita machines are enjoyable, convenient and one can work more effectively using these machines in a food business. For your catering and restaurant equipment, a frozen margarita machine will provide the service you have been waiting for. Many people love these machines because;

· They are reliable and economical – the frozen machines provide efficient performance and are available at reasonable cost.

· They are available in many brands – one can make a choice from the new, slightly used and seller refurbished frozen margarita machines at low prices.

Some of the frozen margarita machines available in the market include;

Bunn Utra 2 Frozen Drink Machine Margarita 2 hopper

It is black in color and works great. It is specifically manufactured with;

· A voltage of 120 volts, 12 Amps and 1440 watts

· 2 to 3 gallons of hoppers – these are used for the purpose of cooling the machine and maintain low temperatures.

One should not freeze water using this machine. The reason is that, damage may occur to the auger shaft, auger, motor as well as the hopper.

Bunn Ultra 2 Frozen Slush Margarita Machin

This frozen machine is tested and cleaned to ensure efficiency in operation. It has an auger which is reverse patented to quicken freezing time and reduce air mixture. Many people love it because;

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· It is easy to program using the touchpad display to run it. The touch pad display also provides a cleaning guide as well as preventive maintenance measures.

· It has a refrigeration system which is monitored internally for a long lasting performance

· It uses 2 to 3 large hopper gallons for cooling as well as maintaining serving capacity

· It is manufactured to use specified voltage of 120 volts and 12 Amps –

The FIJI DM 2000 Frozen Concoction Maker 

This machine comes in good shape and is durable to last longer. Many prefer using this machine since it comes with;

· An instruction manual for users – these instructions provide essential guidelines to users on how to operate the machine safely

· A quick guide listing different recipes that one can prepare using this machine – this is an advantage to users who can learn new recipes to prepare

Slushie Machine

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This margarita machine is different from the frozen machine. There are many slushie machines available in the market which are Bunn or used. Some of the include;

The rsm-650 slushie drink maker

This margarita machine is manufactured by Nostalgia electric and best suits outdoor entertainment. This machine;

· Uses small or crushed ice cubs

· It is easy to use the appliance at the countertop when making a slurpee

· It has a big mixing chamber which is clear to hold up to 32 ounces of the slushie drink

· It measures 7.75” length by 17” height by 7.75” width

· It provides a spout which is easy to pour with convenience

· The tank is detached from the base to enable easy cleaning

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Coca-Cola Series Frozen Slushie Drink Maker 

The Coca-Cola Nostalgia Electrics FBS400COKE Beverage Maker is an all in one frozen drink appliance. It is used to make wonderful slush drinks, smoothies, daiquiris, and margaritas. Making icy drinks with this machine is easy and fun. This machine has an advantage when making drinks because;

It has two options for shaving ice – this allows the user to make a fine or rough clean-shaven ice consistency. The manual contains different recipes on how to prepare mouth-watering drinks. Serving sizes are indicated on the pitcher making it easy for users to make one or more servings without difficulty

To start or upgrade your food processing business, margarita machines will be the best choice of machines to use. There are different types of margarita machine for sale and rent in the market. One can purchase a new one or rent depending on the event or purpose of use.