Pros of Margarita Mixer

The margarita mixer is an indispensable feature of every fully prepared celebration get together. Prepare your frozen drinks in a flash with this handy companion at any indoor or outdoor bash. One can whip cream, blend in the fillings for the rolls and concoct delicious milk and fruit preparations in the blink of an eye.

Basic parts of the Blender

Everyone who has a margarita mixer will agree that it is very versatile. It prepares drinks, crushes ice, makes great smoothies and even helps one prepare fruit salads. Blending the cheesecake mix or the icings and fillings are now a snip. Here is a look at some of the features that mark this machine as a unique piece. It has:

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  • Blending jar(s)

  • Motor

  • Controls

  • Containers for juice and ice

  • Connecting wire for running the device

Mode of operation

First step one puts the ingredients into the jar. If ice is required, put in the requisite amount on top of all other ingredients. It will crush completely and turn into water, if one puts them in, first. Plug in the device after capping the jar with the lid. Run the machine for the prescribed duration. Remove and pour the liquid into containers for cooling. The normal power of the motor varies from 550 W to 700W. If you want a powerful machine that will last for a long time, choose the brand that offers 1200 W motor. These are rugged and will cost a little more than the average mixer in the market.

If one needs to prepare ice separately, put in the ice and use the ‘shaver’ mode to shave the ice to the size you desire. For salads, make sure there are no fibrous materials, as these will entangle with the blades during operation. For preparing fruit drinks, deseeding the fruits keeps the machine running smoothly.

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Maintenance and storage

Using this slushie machine is simple but cleaning may prove troublesome for a few. Some of the parts will not clean properly and some will turn color on contact with the washing detergent or hot water. Keep this mixer in a handy place. Storing is not a problem since one may dismantle all the parts and every part is dishwasher safe.

If some part in the margarita mixer changes color or crumbles during the operation, one has to have them replaced from the supplier. If it happens within the warranty period, one does not have to spend anything for it. To know more about the brand one is buying, read the customer feedbacks about the product one wishes to purchase. It will be given on the website of the store where one intends to make the purchase.

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Partying tonight Plan Ahead

If one is planning a big event, one may require the services of the best margarita mixer for a day or two. Renting is great idea. However, online margarita mixer rental may not be located near the place where one lives. The cooking club members should be able to help one locate the best dealer in this line.

Matching versatility with Flavor

Margarita essential is a cocktail of tequila and lime juice with either Cointreau or Triple Sec. These are the ingredients necessary:

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  • 1 ounce tequila

  • Dash of Triple Sec

  • 2 tsp. of lime juice

One can plan variations of the drink for those who like something special. One could use Grand Mariner instead of Triple Sec or fresh lime juice. Fruits like mango, banana, peach and raspberry also combine well.

Prepare your own drink

With the help of the margarita mixer machine, one can prepare loads of pass-time juices. Margarita means Daisy in Spanish language. Margaritas are served in a various glasses standard cocktail glass or an old fashioned glass. However, it looks best in the typical margarita glass. Pour them over crushed ice and rim the glass with salt.