Yogurt and Ice cream: A Healthy and Delicious Combination

When it comes to selecting the kind of dessert one can have after a good meal, people can choose between having a cup of frozen yogurt or a cup of a delicious ice cream. This is one of the most common dilemmas of people when it comes to eating sweet treats, with the exception of other forms of desserts. Choosing between ice cream and frozen yogurt can stir up a debate starting from the dining table up to forums online. Although the answer for that question is really simple, yogurt is really healthier to consume than the traditional ice cream.

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But what really separates the desserts frozen yogurt and ice cream from each other? What are the specific benefits that you can have over having one over the other? These questions and other things will be discussed so that people will have a better understanding between ice cream and yogurt as well as some steps that one can follow for making their very own frozen yogurt or having a healthy ice cream.

Healthy Facts

As a lot people may have already known, the traditional ice cream is made with cream which is a by-product of milk that contains almost all the fat that milk contains, whereas frozen yogurt is made from the full milk mixed with other non-fat dairy products. With these facts, one can conclude that between yogurt and ice cream, yogurt packs in the most nutrients essential for a healthy body while the traditional ice cream contains less to no nutrients at all.

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But there are also instances where an ice cream can be healthy as well. How? This can be achieved through the use of natural flavors that have been proven to pack nutrients that can be good for the human body. A good example of this instance is a carrot ice cream. This variety of ice cream is made from carrot juice and even blended carrots instead of sugar and cream which can be harmful to the body. This type of ice cream has been used as an alternative by parents to allow their children to consume vegetables even if they initially don’t want to.

Frozen yogurt on the other hand, is already a very healthy treat by itself. This type of dessert contains less fat that the traditional ice cream since the initial substance where it came from, which is milk, has already passed a process called fermentation which turns milk into a treat rich in protein, calcium as well as Vitamin B2, B6 and B12.

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Making Yogurt and Ice Cream Treats

Yogurt and ice cream treats are very easy to prepare. There are a lot of different recipe books and websites that provide tutorial for the production of such delicious and healthy treats. To make the process easier, one can also choose to use a slushie machine to make a delicious, soft healthy ice cream or frozen yogurt. This special type of machine that is now gaining popularity allows people to make their very own variety of ice cream or frozen yogurt using different flavors and ingredients.

To make the dessert even healthier, one can choose to replace sugar with natural sweeteners, like honey which has been known to prevent various diseases and even cancer, reduce gastric ulcers, fight off bacteria, increase physical performance, regulate blood sugar levels, heal wounds and promote a healthy and beautiful skin.

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Yogurt and Ice Cream

As you can see, you can still be able to enjoy the deliciousness and goodness of ice cream, you just need to find creative and healthy ways to do so. A mixture of these two yummy desserts would definitely cool up every meal, and even children can actually indulge into it, too.